How To Find Hidden Storage Space in Your Home

Your home has more storage space than you might think. These simple tips will give you options for how to maximize the storage space hiding throughout your home.

One of the biggest problems homeowners face is storage space. There never seems to be enough! Luckily, House Tipster has assembled are plenty of ways to add more valuable storage space to your home. Here are a few suggestions to get your started.




The Garage

One of the best places for extra storage space is in your garage. If the entire floor is occupied, use wall space to install shelves. You can fill the entire wall with shovels, tools, and sports equipment. Plastic or netting that hangs from the ceiling can also be effective in storing light items




The Windows

Some windows will sit at a perfect distance from the floor to fit a dresser or bookshelf directly underneath. This can be a great option for storing linens, seasonal clothes, books, and board games. Though the space may seem small, creating space to store smaller items can open up areas in bigger closets and cabinets for your large items. 




Under the Bed

The space under your bed works as a hiding place for miscellaneous items. Use long bins to store smaller items so they don’t get lost in a clutter pile under the bed. If possible, invest in a bed furnished with shelves underneath the mattress. This can be your sole source of shelving for clothing and personal needs. 


Drawers under bed



Using items that serve double purposes can give your home a great amount of space. A large wooden chest can be used as storage and as a coffee table for your living room. You can find chests in a variety of styles to fit any aesthetic - from rustic to modern, and they offer hidden storage space to keep the room clean. A chest table works well if you have a  “mud room,” where it can double as a bench. Some couches even offer this chest-like quality where they open and close for seating and storage purposes.




The Backyard

Adding a shed to your backyard is a fun, inventive way to store items. Many belongings you keep in the garage can be moved into the shed, which will open the garage for more home-oriented items. Hang metal planters on your fence to store gardening materials and other backyard tools.




Knee Walls

Hiring a professional to convert a knee wall into a place for shelves or drawers is a rewarding investment. A knee wall is a short wall (typically three feet) used to support the rafters in timber roof construction. You can install a few small shelves or a recessed dresser here for a few extra feet of storage.


Empty attic storage

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