How to Maximize the Natural Light In Your Home

Your room will never feel open and fresh without a window or skylight to let in the sun.

You can’t manufacture natural light. Fixtures can brighten your home with the same intensity, but your room will never feel open and fresh without a window or skylight to let in the sun. A room with small windows might be the perfect atmosphere for a low-lit, intimate evening, but when morning comes or guests arrive it’s nice to be able to pull back the shades and let sunlight pour in. If you have a room you want to brighten up, there are a few ways to go about it. Look through this list of options for window installations, new accessories, and other adjustments that will maximize the natural light in our home. 


Install Larger Windows

If you’re ready for a big renovation, see if there’s space to install larger windows. You’ll achieve the effect by adding height or width, though taller windows may create the illusion of more space by illuminating more of the walls and the ceiling. Installing new windows is not a DIY home improvement. Contact a contractor for advice about what sized windows you can upgrade too without compromising the integrity of your home’s structure. ​


Room with big open window


Add a Skylight

Sometimes all you need is a skylight. Sunlight shining through a skylight will reach every corner of the room and creates the illusion of space at all levels of the room. Skylights can be expensive, but if you want to go through with this home improvement spend the money for a quality design. If you purchase the cheapest option, you can find you’re far more likely to encounter a roof leak or insulation problem down the line. Hire a good contractor and get the job down right the first time around.


Spacious attic bedroom with pitched roof and skylight windows


Put in Glass Doors

If you’re looking for a simpler approach that requires less construction, try replacing your door. If the room you want to brighten up has a doorway that opens to the outside, a glass door will act as a new window. If you want the maintain a sense of privacy, a door of frosted or textured glass will let plenty of light in while keeping you hidden until you open the door.  ​


Glass patio door


Hang Mirrors to Reflect the Light

The simplest way to brighten a room with small windows is to add mirrors. Hang a few simple mirrors where they will reflect and bounce sunlight throughout the room. A large mirror hung directly across from a window provides almost as much light as a second window. If you need to save money, two or three reasonably priced mirrors are the perfect solution for a dark room. They can even transport light from one story of your house to another. Hang a few medium-sized mirrors along your staircase to reflect upstairs light onto the first floor. 


Big mirror in modern room


It’s easy to expand natural light in your home. Any of these big renovations and slight readjustments can transform a dark room into something more inviting!

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