All of the Master Bathroom Renovations You Need This Year

As modern bathroom technologies develop, it's important to make practical upgrades to your master bathroom. Check out these current trends to get inspired.

A master bath renovation can be a great way to add extra comfort to your home. It’s important for your bathroom to remain efficient because of the amount of usage it endures. Before renovating, take a moment to check out some of the most luxurious bathroom renovations of 2016. 

Undermount Sinks

Top-mount sinks are very popular, but the height of bathroom counters may make these sinks uncomfortable to use. Debris tends to creep underneath the edges of the sink and may be hard to clean. To solve these issues, an under-mount sink is a trendy alternative. Undermount sinks add an attractive accent to your bathroom by combining the sink material with the counter material, opposed to the overmount sinks. They also maximize counter space. Under-mount sinks can be made using a wide range of materials including stainless steel, porcelain, copper, or marble.


Elegant bathroom with an undermount sink


Partially Refrigerated Medicine Cabinets

If you want to add something unique to your bathroom for a spa-like feel, check out the partially refrigerated medicine cabinet. The Robern design has a room temperature compartment and refrigerated compartment for specific storage. If you have medication that needs to stay cool, this is a useful alternative to the kitchen fridge and will be available for you if the bathroom is attached to your bedroom. It also allows for luxuries such as a cold bottle of water after a hot shower.


Man reading a prescription label in front of his bathroom Medicine Cabinet


Hands-Free Faucets

Hands-free faucets aren’t just for public restrooms anymore! Several companies offer sensor kits that you can install in your existing faucet to turn water on and off as you need. Not only is this option sophisticated and cheap, it’s resourceful and eco-friendly. You might be surprised how much water you waste each month with a traditional faucet. These sensors cut off your tap whenever you stop using water, making brushing your teeth and washing your face less wasteful. Installation is simple, and with this tool, you'll be saving money each month.


Automatic sink


Smart Showerheads

You can get a showerhead with the same concept as the hands-free faucet. Delta manufactures one that uses nearly half as much water as a traditional showerhead, while keeping the water pressure of a traditional showerhead. It may come as a surprise, but you can shower as long as you normally do with a lot less water. 


Smart shower


Low-Flow Toilets

Another eco-friendly upgrade is the low-flow toilet. A water-efficient toilet can substantially reduce your water bill and reduce your carbon footprint, all while providing you with the same quality and pressure as a typical toilet. 


Modern luxury bathroom


Double Showerheads

Adding a second showerhead to your shower is becoming a prevalent trend in 2016. The design commonly features one large waterfall or rain-style showerhead mounted high on the wall, and a smaller handheld showerhead mounted a bit lower. It’s a stylish design ideal for massaging sore muscles and relaxing after a long day. It also offers a nice variety, allowing you to rinse thoroughly under the waterfall, then scrub more closely with the handheld showerhead. 


A new style double shower heads in a remodeled bathroom


These six trends make life easier and more luxurious whenever you use your bathroom. Whether you’re getting ready for work in the morning or taking a long shower after a hard day, each design makes the process more efficient and surprisingly more green. Bathing in luxury is simple and inexpensive. Find the right products that work well within your home to make every bath or shower the highlight of your day. 

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