6 Creative Ways to Redecorate With a Tight Budget

Interior designing can be a fun project you do on your own! This article will teach you how repurpose what you already own and shop on budget for what you don't.

If you’re on a tight budget but you’re ready for a new home design, there are a bunch of creative ways to lightly renovate your home. Use these accessory tricks and tips to give your home a new glow. 


Find Affordable Frames

Start by adding artwork to your home. Head to the nearest thrift store or yard sale and grab frames with interesting designs. Thrifting for items like frames will be an inexpensive way of adding an artistic touch to your home.

Once you have a few frames you like, get creative with what you’ll put in them. You can find a lot of beautiful illustrations and photos in old books and magazines, so take a look through these before you put them in the recycling bin.  Just invest in a little bit of matting material or use some poster board as backing. Now you can frame your favorite illustrations and hang them on your walls. Instant artwork.


If you have some leftover fabric from a crafting project, you can frame a section of that fabric and create a fun piece of easy art to mount on your wall or to sit on your mantle or end table. The best part of this kind of decorating is that you can reuse your frames and change up your wall hangings and conversation pieces as often as you like. You can also book-press flowers in the spring and add them to frames in the winter. 




Artfully Hang Plates

While you’re out thrifting for frames, you might come across many appealing plates and dishes. These can be used as budget-friendly art for your walls. These plates can be hung in circle patterns or in a straight line, and you'll have a piece of DIY art for a very inexpensive price. If you’re able, find or safely cut mirror glass into circles and adhere them to the base of the plates for a unique design with a touch of practicality.  




Play Musical Chairs with Your Accent Furniture

Look at how your ottomans, side chairs, end tables, and other accent furniture are placed right now. If you’ve bought these pieces so that they generally match or complement your larger pieces and the rest of your décor, there’s no reason that you can’t change things up by moving them around from one room to another. These pieces are smaller and lighter than your bigger pieces, so moving them around can be a one-person job. You'll have a lot of fun redesigning different rooms in your house without actually buying any new furniture. 




Wrap Draw and Cabinet Handles with Ribbon

Want to add a fun and colorful detail to the cabinets and drawers in your kitchen, bathroom, or on the dresser in your bedroom? Grab some colored ribbon and wrap the handles. If your cabinets and drawers have knobs, you can tie bows around them in sheer black or white ribbon for a sophisticated look.


Red ribbon


Customize Your Lampshade

With some ribbon, scissors, and glue, you can customize your lampshades to make them coordinate better with the rest of your décor. Just wrap a fitted length of ribbon around the bottom and top of any lampshade, and glue it in place. It creates a framed effect on the shade that won’t take away from how much light it gives off and will give it an updated look.




Repurpose Empty Jars and Bottles

If you have empty glass bottles or jars available, use them as a decoration tool instead of disposing them. Glass bottles and jars are interesting when you group a few of them in contrasting sizes and tints together. You can even paint them to match or complement a room’s décor or use them as vases or attractive storage solutions. From these items, you can create an activity for your children. Fill the bottles or jars with colored sand, shells, or marbles and place them on computer desks or drawers. This will add a fun DIY piece to any room. 



Images used with permission, courtesy of www.bigstock.com and www.dreamstime.com

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