5 Things You Can Do to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Luxurious Retreat

Your bedroom can be more than a place of slumber. Read on to find out which elements will work best when creating a bedroom of peace and tranquility.

Your bedroom can be furnished in a way that makes the bed just a portion of your overall comfort. The entire design of your room can cater to your specific needs whether you’re ready to sleep or cuddling with a book and tea. This article will give you bedroom design ideas you can produce with modest prices.




Invest in the Right Mattress and Frame

The right mattress for your sleeping style will do wonders for the quality of rest you'll get each night. No matter what else you do with your bedroom, you absolutely must invest in a quality mattress that works well for you. Beds like the SleepNumber or the Serta iComfort are great for comfort as they mold to your body. Certain models block motion transfer for couples who toss and turn, and you can even adjust your preferred head and leg levels separate from your partner’s. 




When shopping for a frame, go beyond the stylistic features. Choose one that suits your needs. If you like to read or watch TV in bed before you go to sleep, you’ll probably want a frame with a headboard you can lean back against comfortably. If you like to feel enclosed in your sleeping space, a canopy bed with curtains can give you the cocooned feeling you’ve been craving. If you like to slip into a comfortable robe in the morning when you get up to make breakfast, you may want a frame with suitable bedposts to hang your accessories. Consider your nighttime activities and how you’ll be spending your mornings. This will tell you what kind of frame is right for your bed.


The Perfect Linens and Bedding

Your bedroom won’t reach its comfort potential if you don’t have the right bedding.  If you like to sit up and read at night, you’ll want to make sure you have enough pillows to prop yourself up comfortably.  If you like to burrow under the covers at night, you’ll probably want a fluffy down comforter with a soft duvet cover and matching pillowcases.




Don't skimp on your sheets either. Some people prefer jersey cotton sheets, while others prefer high thread count Egyptian cotton. Find the material and thread count you like best, and invest in great sheets that will last you a while.


Easy Access Lighting

When you’re comfortable in bed, you don’t necessarily have to get up to turn off your lights. You can use smart lighting connected wirelessly with your mobile device. Remote controlled lighting is also an option. Make sure that you have accessible lighting options within reach of all of the areas where you’ll be spending time in your room. If you have a desk set up for your home office here, you’ll want a desk lamp or a standing lamp next to it. If you have a reading area with a comfortable chair, you’ll want a lamp within reach there also. 


The key here is to make sure that you have soft and functional light wherever you are in your room and that you don’t have to physically hit the light switch when you’re ready to sleep. 




The Right Window Treatments

Do you like to wake up with the sun, or do you prefer total darkness when you sleep? Whether you’re taking a nap in the middle of the day or sleeping at night, light sources can bother you as you're trying to rest. You may want to invest in some heavier blinds or light blocking shades for your windows. Place sheer curtains under them for when you prefer natural light.




Add Seating

If you have space, you may want to consider adding an area where you can sit to relax, read, or get some work done while enjoying the privacy and tranquility of your bedroom. Giving yourself somewhere to sit when you get ready in the morning as you’re drinking coffee and reading the paper will make your bedroom so much more luxurious. Place a reclining seat or beanbags in an empty corner of your bedroom. A simpler option would be to lay decorative comforters and pillows against a wall, maybe adjacent to a window, for laying space away from your bed.



Try these five tips out and see how much more appealing you can make your private space.

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