How to Create the Deck of Your Dreams

It's important to decide on a deck that works cohesively with your home and yard. Here are some pointers to remember when building a new deck.

Adding a deck to your home creates space for exciting possibilities. A deck is a place to hold family barbecues, stargaze with friends, and sunbathe in the summer. It can quickly become your home's focal point for activity. However, you need to make sure you build a deck suited to your needs and your budget. These tips will help you choose the perfect deck for your home.




Evaluate Your Space

Before you start looking at deck designs, consider how much space you have and how your deck will connect to your home. This will help determine what size deck you can build and give you a better idea of how it will fit with the rest of the house. Even if you choose to hire professionals to build your deck, you might still want to take measurements of your own. It will be easier to choose designs when you know the area you’re working with. Also think about how you plan to use the deck. Do you want an outdoor kitchen or just a grill and table? Will you use the space to entertain? If so, how many people do you need it to hold? Once you know the specifics, you will be better equipped to choose the best design. 




Consider Your Materials

There are a number of different types of wood commonly used to design decks. The standards are redwood, cedar, and pressure-treated lumber. Redwood requires a little more care and maintenance, while pressure-treated lumber is strong and treated with chemicals to help with preservation. You'll have to ask yourself if you’re prepared to reseal a deck once a year, or if you would you prefer composite materials that need less maintenance.




Matching The Aesthetics

While your deck doesn’t need to match your house, make sure the design flows nicely with the home. Think about how you can match styles and colors for a nice, unified effect. Redwood’s natural hue works well with blues, grays and whites while cedar is complemented by greens and darker reds. Remember the levels of your home and the ground around it. A deck with a nice large landing is great for grilling but place your table and chairs on the lower, more spacious level to be more comfortable. 




Consult Professionals

Even if you are determined to build the deck on your own, consider this tip: tackling a deck on your own is difficult and a little advice can go a long way. Talk with a professional contractor to get their point of view on your project and gain helpful insights for your desk remodeling process. If you choose a professional, look at previous work they’ve done and if possible, try to get references or read online reviews. Decks are big investments, so work with someone qualified who deserves your time and money.



DISCLAIMER: Readers should keep in mind that any accounts of renovation presented in this blog are written accounts of events taking place at individual homes, and are not necessarily endorsements of do-it-yourself home improvement. You proceed at your own risk if you attempt to replicate any activities described here. 

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