Pantry Organization Techniques That Will Work For You

Pantries can quickly become the messiest part of your kitchen; but it doesn't have to be.

Creating a workable kitchen is something that some people seem to do in their sleep, while others struggle day in and day out with clutter and disorganization. We decided to dig deep and pull together some of the best pantry organization techniques around to share with you and hope you’ll tell us what we’ve missed in the comments section!


Happy Cook, Happy Family

Families spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Between cooking, hanging out for family night, and doing homework – which means that kitchens can tend to become chaotic unless there is some serious time spent on organization. The pantry can be the worst. It can double or triple your cooking time because you’re constantly looking for that one ingredient that has elusively fallen behind everything else and is hiding from your grasp. If you really need a kitchen pantry intervention, it’s probably a good idea to pull everything out of your pantry and start from scratch. This may seem like a drastic thing to do, and it will probably eat up an entire day depending on the size of your pantry, but it really is necessary if you want to be true to the project. 




Toss it Out

Pick up those expired items hiding in the back of your pantry and toss them right into the trash. Don’t even think twice about it, just cull out the things that you bought four years ago to try and forgot all about until now. No regrets, no second thoughts – just do it. Doesn’t that feel better? Instead of worrying about what you’re tossing, think instead about how wonderful it’s going to be to be able to find the things that you actually use on an ongoing basis.




Ditch the Bags

Having a number of different sized bags in your pantry can really cause problems; they are always falling over, spilling out, and generally making a mess. Cereal and cracker boxes are the same – no matter how well you think you roll down the top of that bag, something is going to slip out and end up underfoot and crunched in your pantry. To combat this problem, transfer items out of their industrial packaging and directly into containers or corral them in baskets or bins. 




Wrap It Up

If you like to economize by bringing home large bags of snacks such as pretzels, dried fruit, or chips, break them down as soon as you unpack groceries into sizes that are appropriate for your family. This could be mini snack bags for little ones or full-size zipped sandwich bags for older kids or adults. This makes it easy to grab what you need for lunches or snacks on the run. You can organize snacks by type and place them in a labeled bin. 




Round and Round

Use a Lazy Susan to keep like products together and provide you with more accessible storage space. One terrific use of a lazy Susan is for spices, and you can even find double-level turning boards so you can have all of your spices in one convenient location. Pullout sliders for bread or chips are a great way to keep your crushable products safe while keeping them out of the way. 


Lazy Susan


Going Up!

Don’t forget about the vertical space in your pantry either. Use hooks to keep mugs or wine glasses organized above your countertop – freeing up valuable cabinet space. Adhesive hooks are also a great option to use to hold kitchen gadgets, measuring cups, and more. 



With the right determination and organization, your pantry will be so accessible, you won't need to think twice about that where anything is!

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