3 Home Theater Ideas for Average-Sized Homes

Looking to have that home theater you've always wanted but you just don't have the space? Think again!

Do you love a good movie? When your show comes on every week, are you easy to find? Are you the type of person who stays glued to the screen whenever your favorite team is playing? If so, you may also be the type of person who appreciates a solid home entertainment center. Unfortunately, maybe your home has proven fairly unaccommodating when it comes to putting together an enviable setup. 


Large living room with brown walls and leather sofa with projector screen


While we can’t give you extra space to work with, the following tips should help you put together a home entertainment center you’re no less excited about.


Start with the Furniture 

You have all kinds of options when it comes to the furniture for your entertainment room. The old standby is a recliner, of course, or maybe a sectional, depending on how many people are in your family. Those are both fine choices too. However, it’s worth thinking about all the other options out there as well.


Rise and recline chair, partially reclined.


For example, there are sectionals with recliner seats. There are also sectionals that have seats which can be folded down to create space for your drinks and food. Some are now made with speakers in them. All of these things help save space and give you more room for things like speakers, mini-fridges and anything else it takes to make your home entertainment experience even more enjoyable.




Invest in a Projection Screen

Today’s TVs mean you don’t need a lot of room to have a giant picture. Thanks to their flat screens, you’re really only limited by the height of your room and, of course, your budget.

If you want an absolutely huge screen, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it, then think about getting a projector screen. They’re definitely not the type of thing you’ll find in the bargain bin, but their performance is amazing.


Projector blank screen


For those who don’t know what we’re talking about, a projector screen is where you use the wall to display your shows and movies. An overhead projector rests on a shelf you install above and it then connects to your cable box, DVD player, videogame console, etc.

While there’s a specific material you use to make the screen, you can actually just use a certain type of paint too. Literally, your entire wall can become a screen, giving your home entertainment center quite the unique feature.


White multimedia projector in the room


Consider All Your Audio Options

Traditionally, if you wanted the best possible sound when watching movies and TV, you had to have surround sound. This meant at least two other speakers were necessary. 

If you don’t have the space for that, try a soundbar. As the name suggests, it’s a long, rectangular bar that you can sit right in front of your television or, if you go with a projection screen, put right above you. In any case, the sound quality it produces is incredible, yet many are no longer than two feet, so you won’t need much space at all.


Soundbar and subwoofer


Another audio option you might want to think about is some solid headphones for your television. Obviously, they are far from ideal when you’re watching something with others.

However, if you don’t have a huge home, viewing hours may be dictated by everyone else’s schedules. With headphones, though, you can watch your programs whenever you want without anyone else in the house knowing about it.


Watching TV


Don’t let your entertainment options suffer because you don’t have a nice, big room for theater seating. The above ideas will help you create the perfect place for sitting down, kicking back and enjoying whatever’s on no matter how big your space is.

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