Good Art Doesn’t Match your Couch – But It Doesn’t Have to Clash Either

Artwork plays a fundamental role in any home’s interior design. It’s important to select pieces that align with the style of your room’s décor.

If you’re an art lover, you know what it’s like to fall in love with a painting or sculpture. You probably also know what it’s like to think, “But where will I put that?” If you’re shopping for new art for your home, you don’t want to look at it from a standpoint of what will or won’t match your couch, but you do want to look at it from a designer’s perspective. With a few helpful hints, you can shop for new paintings and art pieces that will fit perfectly in the design you’ve chosen for your home.


Take Measurements

Before you go out to look at paintings or sculptures for your home, grab your tape measure. You don’t want to fall in love with a piece that won’t fit on your wall, shelf, or coffee table where you’ll be displaying it. Getting an art piece that’s too big or too small can cause a lot of design issues, so always measure the space where you’ll be displaying it before you go out shopping.


Measure tape


Consider Color Balance

Whether you’re building your living room’s décor around a painting you love or you’re shopping for a piece of art to fill an empty space on the wall, think of the color balance in the room. You don’t have to get a painting that will match your furniture, but you also don’t want one that will completely throw off your color balance.


If you have a lot of black furniture and you get a painting with heavy black tones and a little bit of red and white mixed in, consider grabbing one or two small, red and/or white throw pillows for your sofa. They’ll tie the painting in with the room and create a more balanced look.


Modern living-room interior. Classic style


Consider Your Home’s Style

If you’ve decorated your home with a modern style, you’re probably going to want to go with more modern or contemporary art. A piece of impressionist art or a classic portrait with a heavily detailed frame may be beautiful, but it can also stand out in a bad way against clean lines and modern furniture


If you have a more contemporary style, you may want to go with art photography or something abstract that plays with lines, shades, and tones. If your home has a more traditional style, you may want to go with more classic artwork that has a softer look and feel to it.


Waterfront living room with a bright airy lounge interior with a comfortable modern upholstered grey suite


What Does It Mean to You?

Now, you could find a piece of art that meets all of these requirements, but if it doesn’t speak to you and mean something to you, it’s probably the wrong choice for your home. If it doesn’t mean something special to you and evoke some kind of emotion from you when you look at it, it will very quickly “disappear” on your wall and just fade into the rest of your décor. You want something that will keep your attention and that you’ll love looking at for years.


Fantastic contemporary living room home interior


Find Your Balance

Finally, with all of these things in mind, try to find a piece that strikes a balance in your home between content (what it means to you), color (how it fits with the room’s color scheme), style, size, and tone (the emotions and reactions it evokes). When you find a piece that fits all of these criteria, you’ll have found the perfect piece to add to any room in your home. 


A classic living room with carpet, sofas and paintings

With these tips, you should be armed with the tools and information you need to find art that speaks to you and works well in your home’s décor. It’s true what they say – good art doesn’t match your couch – but that doesn’t mean it has to clash with your décor. Use these tips to find pieces that strike the perfect balance.

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