Simple Tips for Making Your Living Room Look Bigger

With the proper design configuration, a room can be made to look bigger by guiding and fooling the eyes.

While it may seem like a room’s dimensions are one thing you can’t change, it’s actually quite simple to make a room look larger than it is. The way you use your space can create a large variety of effects, and if you are working with limited living room space, using it wisely can pay big dividends. You can create a room that looks and feels larger and more comfortable.


Consider Color

Color can make a big difference in how large a room appears. Darker colors will make a room seem smaller and more cramped, while light colors make the room feel more expansive. In particular, painting the walls and floor in a light color makes the entire room feel larger, in both width and height. If you don’t want to paint your floors, a light colored rug can make a difference as well. One popular website suggests that painting the ceiling the same color as the walls, or covering it in the same wallpaper will make it appear taller. For furniture and decorative items like pillows and throws, use a single color scheme and avoid prints.


Open plan living room


Furniture Placement

While it may seem like pushing your furniture to the outside of the room will make it seem more spacious by offering more floor space, the opposite is true. Placing your furniture slightly away from the wall makes it appear larger and more open. having less furniture also makes a living room feel less cramped. Opt for one large couch instead of multiple smaller pieces.


Bright living room in light ivory tones


Let Some Light In

Heavy drapes or curtains can make a room feel small and cramped. Instead, leave your windows open or use blinds. Letting light into your living room brings the outside in and makes the whole room feel more spacious. If you have a bay window, you can also use the nook it creates for some extra space. 


Interior home, living room


Optical Illusions

Strategic placement of mirrors can make a small room look bigger because the mirror reflects the space back. While you may not want to mirror your whole wall, hanging one large mirror in a nice frame adds a nice touch to your living room. You could also prop an attractive floor mirror in a corner for a decorative feature that also adds depth. We suggest placing a mirror across from a window to reflect the light.


Living room interior


Use Your Wall Space

While covering every inch of your walls makes a room feel cluttered, you can use the walls of your living room to maximize space. If possible, mount your TV to the wall to save space. Wall shelves can offer storage solutions and a place to display your possessions. 


Audio system with TV and shelves in the living room Contemporary style


Go Smaller

Another solution to limited space: break your room up into smaller areas. This creates the illusion of spaciousness and it also allows you to have places in your living room for specific activities. For example, you could place your couch close to the television, then create a reading nook behind it. Or, place a small table and chairs in the corner for coffee and conversation. You can use small rugs to separate these spaces from one another.


Luxurious living room


Light Effects

Rather than using an overhead light, opt for small floor and tabletop lamps. These will draw the eye around the room, and create different light levels in different parts of the room. This also allows you to decorate according to need, for example by placing a bright light in a place frequently used for reading. Wall sconces also make beautiful, space-saving lights.


Modern living room


Storage Tips

Furniture that offers storage options, like coffee tables with shelves or drawers, or ottomans with storage space inside, will help you store your belongings out of sight without taking up too much space. You might also consider furniture that can be folded up when not in use, or a drop-leaf table that you can expand as needed. 


Cozy living room interior with fireplace


If your living room feels small and cramped, the suggestions above can create the illusion of space. When you spend time in your revamped space, you’ll feel like you have a new and larger room. Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new space. 

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