How to Decide Which Faucet Will Flow for You

With the vast variety of faucets, you have the choice of selecting the fixtures that match your bathroom decor.

Have you ever taken a closer look at all the different types of faucets that there are? It can be beyond intimidating. Between all the different styles, finishes and functions, you might think that you’ll never decide. But the good news is that faucets can be easily broken down into sub-categories, making it much easier to narrow down your choices and make a final decision. Are you ready for a crash course in faucets? You’ll be an expert before you know it.


Electronic Faucets

Electronic, or motion activated, faucets used to be only found in public restrooms. But technology has made it affordable for the average household to have one. You’ll love the simplicity of the design and how easy it is to install and use. You can also appreciate how much cleaner your bathroom will be. When you eliminate a handle or lever, you cut down on surface bacteria immediately. Any faucet that helps keep your bathroom cleaner and safer for your family is a good faucet.


chrome automatic metal sink


Center Set Faucets

If you’re working with a smaller space, like a single vanity, you might want to consider a center set faucet. A center set faucet features one spout and two handles but because they’re connected, they take up less space and make for an easy install. They’re not the easiest to clean but if you have limited vanity space, this faucet could be your best option. Because they’re so common, there is a wide variety of styles and finishes to choose from.


Bathroom faucet


Widespread Faucets

If you have a bit more space to work with, a widespread faucet is a great option. This type of faucet features two handles, a spout and a stand. Each handle controls either hot or cold water and because they’re spread across the length of the sink, you can really choose some elegant and designer handles. You’ll really love how easy it is to keep these spread-out faucets clean and free of mildew but just make sure that your vanity is equipped for such a design.


New faucet


Wall Mounted Faucets

A wall mounted faucet can add instant class and sophistication to your bathroom. Instead of being connected to your vanity, these faucets are directly mounted onto the wall. There is such a wide variety of styles that you can add just about any design element to your bathroom with this type of faucet. Have a large mirror above your sink? You can get faucets that mount through the mirror as well. You’ll love having a clutter-free sink and vanity and guests will be impressed by the professional touch that a wall mounted faucet brings to any style bathroom.


Faucet and water drop in bathroom


Waterfall Faucets

Waterfall faucets are becoming more and more popular. They used to be overpriced and even a bit intimidating when they first came on the market but now that they’re more affordable, more people are embracing the concept of a more open faucet. A waterfall faucet features only the bottom portion of the faucet, allowing you to see the water flowing freely towards your hands. It’s a fun feature that has even been advanced with technology. Some of the waterfall faucets now feature fun light shows that change the color of the water. If that doesn’t inspire your kids to wash their hands, we aren’t sure if anything will. 


Waterfall faucet


It seems so simple. A faucet just needs to move the water from the pipes to your hands. But the truth is that there are so many choices that it begins to complicate the fixture. Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. Narrow down your choices based on main styles first and then look at individual faucets. You’ll be using your faucet every day so don’t just pick one just to pick one. Make sure that you love your faucet just as much as everything else in your bathroom. 

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