Unique Ideas for an Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen is a great compliment to a barbecue grill for those nights entertaining guests.

Many people avoid using their oven during the summer months because it is already hot enough and the air conditioner is working overtime as it is. That means no bread, no pizza and a number of other things you make other times of the year. Imagine if you didn’t have to go without the things you love. It is possible to enjoy them all year long if you have an outdoor kitchen that is set up with some really unique features.


Custom outdoor kitchen with overhead louvers and a magnificent view of a southern Utah canyon


Outdoor Appliances

There are numerous appliances on the market that are designed for outdoor use. You are probably already familiar with a freestanding grill, but there are also ones that are cabinet ready. Be sure to choose one that has the capacity you need, not only for your family but also for entertaining. Even if you haven’t done much entertaining thus far, once you have a fantastic outdoor kitchen, you’ll want to do so frequently.


Other outdoor appliances to consider are a refrigerator, bar sink, warming drawer, storage for wood, dishes, utensils and other outdoor necessities. Just about anything you have indoors can be accomplished outdoors. You can go as basic or as comprehensive as your interest and your budget will allow. 


Clean Outdoor Kitchen Grill


Specialty Features

As mentioned previously, baking bread and pizza are two things that often get avoided during the summer. If these are something you enjoy doing, then an outdoor wood burning pizza oven may be an ideal option to consider.  


Outdoor cooking stove


You begin by purchasing the pizza oven itself and then you can add stonework around it to match the rest of your outdoor kitchen. If you do go with a wood burning pizza oven, which incidentally works great for bread and other items as well, be sure to create a place nearby to store the wood you’ll be using.You can create the outdoor kitchen  yourself, but it’s highly recommended for safety reasons that you receive help if you’ve never done it before.


Another potential outdoor specialty cooking feature is a smoker. With one of these you’ll be making the entire neighborhood drool, and you’ll enjoy smoked meats and vegetables that are a little piece of heaven. 


Outside cooking area



When you are making delightful scents while cooking outdoors, you’ll also want to hang around to enjoy them, so eating outdoors near your outdoor kitchen is a must. When you are planning your outdoor living space, be sure to add a nice place for seating both for relaxing as your meal cooks and dining. Choose weather resistant materials so they’ll hold up to rain and damaging UV rays. Obviously, comfort is also very important. 


Open air outdoor kitchen



You decided to have an outdoor kitchen to escape the heat of an oven heated indoor kitchen, but now you’ll need to contend with the heat there as well. You may also have to contend with a summer shower from time to time. It is a good idea to incorporate sheltered areas into your outdoor living space. A pergola is a one way to add character and shade. A shelter can be as simple as patio umbrellas or a more permanent free-standing or built-in structure that will also keep you dry when it rains. A Quikshade pop-up shelter is great for temporary or spontaneous needs such as sudden summer showers.


Outdoor living space ready for dinner



Summer isn’t the only time to enjoy your outdoor space. Spring, autumn, and sometimes even the winter can also be enjoyed if you arrange for some way to warm the area. That same pizza oven will add some warmth while you make a delicious meal. 


Furthermore, other features could also be used to make your outdoor living space comfortable almost all year. Consider a fireplace or fire pit. There are both gas and wood-burning options to choose from. Nothing quite beats a fire for relaxation any time, and toasting marshmallows is a definite plus as well. There are also gas free-standing heaters you could use for heating up a small area around the heater which looks like a streetlamp.


Outdoor kitchen



Speaking of relaxation, enjoying your outdoor kitchen can be taken to an even higher level if you add features specifically for relaxing after a stressful day. Putting in a sound system that is suitable for outdoor use or adding a water feature are two ways to accomplish the ambiance you desire whether relaxing or entertaining. 


Wireless Speaker



Once you begin to take full advantage of your outdoor kitchen, you will realize that you will want to be out there even after the sun sets. Plan ahead for this and incorporate lighting throughout your outdoor kitchen and surrounding areas. You’ll be able to see what you are cooking and add ambiance to the area with the right lighting. 


Outdoor modern kitchen that has been freshly remodeled


No Bugs Please!

Don’t forget that summertime also means summer pests. If your area is prone to mosquitos and other flying pests, you might want to consider plans for dealing with them. Two common ways to do so are having areas with screening or netting in which to retreat to and having a misting system installed that broadcasts a fine mist repellent. A misting system can also lower the temperature which is helpful during the summer months. 


Looking Out Through Screen at Trees Outside


It is nothing short of amazing to consider all the ways you can turn your outdoor living space into an area in which you will want to spend nearly every waking moment. Whether you are wanting to escape a hot oven indoors or just want to enjoy the many features you can accomplish with an outdoor kitchen, it is nice to know that there is no shortage of options you can go with. 

DISCLAIMER: Readers proceed at their own risk if they attempt to replicate any activities described here.

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