Choosing the Right Type of Lighting for your Home

While lighting is primarily for function, the right fixtures have a dramatic effect in your home.

Each room in your home holds a specific and unique purpose and so should the lighting that is placed in that particular space. You do not want to have dim lighting in a room where there is a lot of activity going on such as the kitchen or a home office. And you do not want to have ambient lighting inside a room that needs to stay dark most of the time, such as a TV room or a bedroom. Therefore, choosing the right type of lighting for each room is an important part of the home decorating process. 


Lighting for the Hallways and Foyer

You should always attempt to make a good first impression even when it comes to your lighting fixtures. The foyer or hallway is typically the first part of the home that your guests will see, so be sure to wow them with a contemporary style fixture or a modernized chandelier that will catch their eye and welcome them into your home. You can also use this space to make your favorite piece of artwork stand out by using a halogen light to add a decorative touch to your home’s foyer. And while you may want to make your hallways and stairways decorative, keep in mind that you will need plenty of light in these areas for safety as well. 


Travertine house: interior with hallway, stairs and entrance


Enhance Your Living Room with the Right Type of Lighting

The lighting that is in your living room area should bring out the best of each part of the room. It should add drama to your wall textures and accent any artwork or special sections that you want to draw more attention to. Accent lighting is a great way to show off collections or paintings and they don’t have to add a lot of extra light to the room in order to make an impact. You’ll also need to use recessed lighting for the general area and while traditional wall fixtures remain popular in most homes, many people are starting to choose contemporary wall sconces and close-to-ceiling fixtures as well as interior lamps for general lighting for their living room areas. 


Living room contemporary style


Lighting Tips for the Dining Room and Kitchen

The dining room is a place for entertaining guests and another place in your home where you’ll want to draw attention and make a good impression. You may want to choose a fancy chandelier light to hang above your dining room table or something a little less dramatic that will still make the area the focal point of the room. You may want to add accent lighting to the room as well and use halogen recessed lighting fixtures that will provide additional lighting for the table area which can be helpful while serving meals during dinner parties. 


Beautiful dining room with Chandelier in a mansion


The kitchen is the busiest part of the home, and obviously one of the rooms that will require the most lighting. You’ll need to have plenty of ambient light in order to cook meals properly, read recipes and search for ingredients. You will also want to have plenty of classy lighting fixtures to show off your modernized kitchen and new age appliances if you have recently remodeled. Over your workspace, you should go with a decorative fluorescent fixture that will provide you with the right amount of lighting for cooking and cleaning. 


Modern interior kitchen with nice furniture inside


Staying Safe with Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting for a home is a great security aid that will allow you to keep you and your family safe from intruders at night or while you are away from home. You can install security lights that will instantly come on at night or sensory lights that will turn on if there is any movement outside. These two types of lighting can be great for any size home or property and are a low cost solution for homeowners who could use some additional peace of mind. 


A set of security motion detector lights


Now that you know a little more about the different types of lighting for your home, you can make an educated decision on what type of lighting to use for each room to get the most benefits out of each fixture. Be sure to keep in mind that while decorative lighting can add to the beauty of your home, you also need to choose lighting that will make your home safer as well.

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