Why You Need to Add a Ventilation System to Your Home

Good ventilation is key to keeping your house weatherproof and maintain good air flow.

The air inside your home is filled with pollutants, with some homes having up to 100 times the pollution levels found in outdoor air. Everyday activities like cooking and cleaning, and even the air fresheners, pets and hobbies you enjoy can all contribute to dirty, unclean air throughout your home. While most homeowners know they need to keep the filters clean in their HVAC systems to help provide cleaner air, they also tend to keep their homes closed up tight to avoid letting the air from the furnace or AC escape and drive up energy bills. This means that while those filters are helping a little, they just can’t keep up to provide the protection your family needs. 


Energy Efficiency Is Also to Blame

Another important issue that is contributing to poor indoor air quality is the overall push for energy efficiency. Homes are sealed as tightly as possible, making sure that the least amount of air possible escapes in order to keep heating and cooling bills more manageable. However, those practices also make it so that fresh air can’t make its way into the home to help clear out some of those pollutants. One solution that is quickly growing in popularity is installing home ventilation systems.


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Home Ventilation Systems

The first thing to understand is that a home ventilation system is not the same as an air cleaning system. While the latter cleans the air currently in your home, the former allows outside air to enter the space in a controlled manner. The system draws outside air into the home and expels some of the indoor air. This helps to remove the contaminants so that you and your family breathe cleaner air. 


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While there are different types of systems available, the most effective option for most homes is a balanced ventilation system. These types of systems bring in and expel a similar amount of indoor and outdoor air, without pressurizing or depressurizing the space. The system uses a series of duct systems and fans to move the fresh air throughout the home, while exhaust vents remove the stale air. This option also allows for the use of filters to ensure you aren’t introducing unwanted allergens.


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Additional Benefits of Installing a Ventilation System

In addition to removing pollutants in the air, ventilating your home will also help remove unwanted moisture that can lead to mold and other issues in rooms such as the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen. You will want to speak with a licensed professional in your area to determine the best choice for your home and climate, as some environments may require a different type of system.


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If you want to make your home safer, addressing the indoor air quality needs to be one of the first steps. Adding a proper ventilation system can help improve the air and the health of your family members.

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