Five Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Five techniques and details on how to make the changes necessary to increase your home's value

When it comes to selling your home, you probably have many different thoughts on what you can do to improve it. After you’ve tackled the basics like cleaning, painting and making repairs, your next step is to find ways to increase the potential value of the home. After all, the more you make in profits on this house, the more you can spend on your quest to land your dream home. The following five options will help you increase your home’s value and its attractiveness to potential buyers without focusing on massive upgrades in the kitchen and bathroom. 


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Curb Appeal – Landscaping and the Exterior Matters

Even if you transform the interior of your home into something that is truly stunning, neglecting your exterior landscaping will not generate the interest or the higher value that you want. Your home’s curb appeal provides the first impression to potential buyers, and if you skip this step, none of your other hard work may be seen at all. While keeping the yard mowed and free from weeds is important, you will also want to make sure you have some greenery and flowering plants. If you can capture a color on the exterior of your home in your plants, even better. This will help tie everything together and draw the eyes of passersby. 


You should also consider whether the siding and trim are in good condition. Discolored or faded areas can stand out to those who don’t see it every day, even if you barely notice it. Keep in mind that old siding will send the message that your home is a fixer-upper, even if the inside tells another story. When it comes to home buying, buyers always judge a book by its cover and that can be a blow to the potential value.


View of the exterior and front yard of a surburban home


Find out About Issues Before the Potential Buyer Does

There is nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars to make your home look amazing, only to discover serious issues when the buyer brings in an inspector. Spend the little bit extra and hire your own inspector before you get started on the major overhaul. This will make sure you have room in your budget to address issues such as termites, mold, roof leaks and other potentially major problems that could turn potential buyers away, or require you to spend even more for the needed repairs. 


Man Repairing Rotten Leaking Roof


Let There Be Light

If you have ever walked into a home that is overly dark, you already understand just how important natural light can be. If your home is filled with several small rooms with walls that prevent natural light from making it into them, consider opening the place up a bit. Creating a larger room out of two smaller ones provides opportunities for options like an en-suite bath or simply more room. If there are spaces where a window could be added, that is another important consideration that can increase value, as it will make the space more open, brighter and inviting thanks to natural light rather than a boring lightbulb. 


Living room in luxury home


Improve the Basement

If your home has a basement, consider what it looks like right now. Is it a boring, empty space that you’ve used solely for storage the entire time you’ve lived in the home? Transforming the area into an entertaining space or even a small apartment if possible will add even more to your home’s value. You are adding usable space that future owners will want to use, rather than leaving it as an overgrown closet. 


Basement with pool table


Install a Deck or Patio

People love spending time outdoors, and adding a deck or patio will instantly generate interest and additional value. Take the time to create a true outdoor living space with seating and even a grill or fire pit. If you live in an area where insects are an issue, consider screening the area in and creating a sunroom instead. The point is that the added space is a hot commodity among homebuyers.


Large freshly painted new wooden deck with nice summer green backyard and outdoor furniture


These are just five ways of improving the value of your home. Pick the ways that fit within your budget and will make the most difference for your space, and watch that selling price soar.


DISCLAIMER: Readers should keep in mind that any accounts of renovation presented in this article are written accounts of events taking place at individual homes, and are not necessarily endorsements of do-it-yourself home improvement. You proceed at your own risk if you attempt to replicate any activities described here. 

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