10 Closet Hacks Everyone Will Love

Closet space gets wasted due to things that are not arranged properly; here are ways to fix that!

Whether you are a professional interior decorator, a household organizer who makes their services available "on demand", or a homeowner looking to organize and better use your space, having some good storage and closet "hacks" can really save the day.


Unfortunately, there are many websites propounding their amazing hacks but really just trotting out some of the most time-tested and well-known solutions. We have all discovered that IKEA, some "dollar stores", and even Office supply stores are treasure troves for closet organizing and for furnishings that can be converted to match almost any interior décor. However, there are a few more, minor, hacks that anyone will love, and which can be used to turn the closet into an even greater place.


The Shoes

Though we all own several pairs of shoes, and many of us own a lot more than that, we struggle with the best ways to store them. The standard closet shoe rack is nice, if you have the floor space, but they can also be so easily lost behind the longer hanging garments. Finding yourself on your hands and knees looking for a shoe that was knocked out of the rack is not really the kind of closet hack you can give the "thumbs up".


Opened women's wardrobe with clothes and shoes


Some savvy alternatives include the use of pants hangers for tall boots. This one works very easily, and just relies on the durable metal clips that are used to secure the legs of your pants to hold the tops of the boots instead. Mounting a lower bar in the closet and clipping the boots with the two pincers keeps them easy to reach, organized, and in much better condition.


If you have a lot of high-heeled shoes, and a bit of DIY skill, another fantastic closet hack involves installing some molding from which to easily hang the shoes. Install a piece of chair rail on the wall or even the inside of the closet door. Along the upper edge of this you then install a piece of wider crown molding. This creates a ledge large enough to hang high-heeled shoes from their heels. This keeps them at head height (or higher), off of the floor, and makes it easier than ever to get the shoes organized.



Are you dealing with too many flip flops? Along with that row of hangers pinching the boots, you can just as easily create custom flip flop holders with wire coat hangers. Clip the bottom bar, and using wire pincers you twist the top bar into two inverted curls. You are left with the hanging hook, and beneath it two very sturdy "u" shaped hangers that will each hold a single flip flop. Hang them out of the way during the off-season or just keep them off the floor and organized year round.


Another fantastic hack for the clothes closet uses a standard kitchen lid rack to organize small handbags and clutches.


Just put the rack on a shelf and tuck the purses into the individual slots. They remain in plain sight and no longer make their way to the back of the closet or the floor. A wall mounted wine rack can also provide similar storage as the curved arms easily cradle even standard bags.


Beyond Clothes

Naturally, not all closets are meant to hold clothing or shoes. One closet that can easily get out of hand is a child's closet. Yet, with a few simple hacks, it can be organized affordably and effectively.


Girl's clothes on hangers in the wardrobe


Permanently eliminate the threat of finding a LEGO or other plastic block with your bare feet by using a standard, closet door shoe organizer. The clear plastic pockets will allow your children to easily reach, store, and play with any of these toys, and you are spared the pain of stepping on one unaware!


Collection of shoes on shelves


The Lighting

Another common complaint that can be resolved with a good closet hack is the lack of good lighting in a common closet. After all, a bulb overhead or to the side does not shed enough light from floor to ceiling. The nicest and simplest solution is to rely on safe and long-lasting LED holiday lights installed around the interior frame of the closet door. Click on the lights and the entire space is illuminated with a warm and effective light that reaches the lowest corners or highest shelf.


And what about the "other" closets in a home? Those that hold cleaning supplies and the like can benefit from similar hacks. A classic solution to rolls of paper towels, for example, is a shoe bag hanging from the coat rod. S-hooks on that same rod help you hang mops and brooms out of sight, and a tension rod is the perfect place to hang spray bottles, stow hanging baskets, and hang smaller cleaning tools like dusters.


Hacking doesn't have to mean breaking out the saw and doing a weekend long DIY project. It can mean simply upping the organization factor of your closet using common sense and affordable ideas.

Images used with permission, courtesy of www.bigstock.com and www.dreamstime.com

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