Three Home Library Hacks

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Though there have been plenty of warnings that printed books are soon to be as extinct as the Dodo, it is unlikely that this will ever be a real threat. Too many of us love our books, keep them throughout our lives, and even gladly box them up and move them wherever we relocate. While there is a lot to be said for e-reader devices that enable you to take dozens of books wherever you go, and all in the space of a tablet, there is little to compare with sitting down to read a good book.


Library bookshelf full of book


However, books can be cumbersome to keep in your home, and it is important that you have them organized and in a single location where you can easily and safely reach them and use them. Home libraries are now becoming more and more common, and with home improvement and decorating stores like the world-famous IKEA, you can use a lot of "hacks" that create entirely custom, and truly appealing home libraries.


Take ten minutes to "Google" for library hacks, and you'll see an overabundance of ideas. We are going to look at three of the most functional of the library hacks to help you create a workable solution to your need for a home library.


Bookcase table and chair in a cabinet


Mix and Match

If you have a good sized assortment of books and are very limited in your time and budget, you may not be able to delve into the custom bookcase solutions that are such a common solution so common. However, you can create a somewhat eclectic and colorful answer without even lifting up a hammer or screwdriver. While you may need to do a bit of painting, this is affordable and something almost all of us can handle.


What is this hack? We will call it simply "mix and match" and it is done by investing in old china cabinets or discarded bookcases. As an example, you might find a glass-door china cabinet in a yard sale, secondhand store, or even in your own home. You might also find a narrow, but decorative book case of the same height, and a wider, case that is absent of one or two shelves. Normally, such a collection couldn't really be used, but paint them a similar shade, patch them up and repair missing shelves, and then line them up along a wall. All at once, you have a, seemingly, built in set of shelves that can create a home library capable of holding many volumes.




Stand Alone

Another home library hack is designed for those without extensive libraries, but who would appreciate a stylish book case to display their collection. Investing in a small, cubical storage unit can often prove an ideal solution. Simply paint this to your desired palette - including all of the interior spaces. Then find four decorative feet either online or through a retailer. This will lift it off of the floor, creating a bit of a display piece, but still provide you with a functional book case.


You can use this to display smaller objects too, or you can even use decorative painting techniques in the back of the cabinet to add a burst of color as you slowly build up the library. This solution can also be ideal for a child who is just beginning to build their library.


Box with books

Why stop at one? You can use these same types of storage boxes to create a low wall of bookcases or to frame both sides of a nook.

Seating and Storage

If you have some windows with a view, and no place for your personal library, merge the two and create a scenic "niche" or reading nook. Using low book shelves readily available online or through better retailers, you can line them up along the bottom of the windows, creating a ledge. 


Quaint nook with built-in bench area for reading


Add some cushions, paint the cases a complementary color, and you can now sit and read, periodically gazing out at your enviable view. Your library can increase over time too, and you can even find cases with specialized corner mounts to make the work easier.


Shelves with books

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