Sensational Aromatic Plants for Your Home

If you’re looking for a way to keep the air in your home smelling sweet naturally, do it with one or more of the following fragrant plants. Give these plants the care they need, and you will be able to fully enjoy their beauty as well as their sweet scent. The following plants are some of the best aromatic household plans you will find.


Citrus Plant

Citrus can be recognized by its pleasantly distinct and intense fragrance. This plant grows delicate white flowers, and it has dark green leaves. The contrasting white and green colors are stunning, but citrus is praised more for its spellbinding scent than its striking appearance. Citrus grows best in bright light.



Hoya Lanceolata ssp. Bella Plant

The hoya lanceolata ssp. bella is a hanging plant that has thick green leaves and star-shaped flowers. This plant is also called miniature wax plant. The heavenly scented flowers it grows in groups of about 10 or less, and the center of each flower is reddish purple in color. Hoya lanceolata ssp. bella is best suited for a hanging basket. It needs indirect sunlight.



Jasminum Polyanthum Plant

Jasminum polyanthum, also known as jasmine, grows bunches of white flowers that are strongly scented. Since jasmine grows as a vine, a trellis gives it great support. The scent of jasmine peaks at night. The end of spring and fall is when jasminium polyanthum requires full light, but in the winter, jasmines need less light.



Paperwhite Narcissus Plant

As soon as tazetta paperwhite bulbs are planted, they start to grow. After almost a month, pretty white aromatic starburst flowers bloom. Paperwhite’s scent is strong. Bright light is the kind of light paperwhite needs.



The Wax Flower Plant

Wax flower, which is also called stephanotis floribunda or Madascar jasmine, is a vine that grows beautifully on a trellis. This plant has dark green leaves and white flowers that look like five-pointed stars. These beautifully scented flowers will delight your senses with their strong fragrance. Place wax flower near, but not in, a bright sunny window.



Since these flowers have the natural ability to keep your home smelling pleasant, why spend money on artificial air fresheners that could be harmful to your health? Let these plants make your home smell and look wonderful. Let them bring you joy.


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