Make Your Kitchen a Modern Masterpiece

These simple artistic flares will turn your Kitchen into a work of art.

If someone says the word "modern" along with interior design, what do you envision? If you're having trouble seeing it clearly try experimenting with visualizer plus. Many people have very specific ideas about modern design and décor, and any kitchen described as a modern masterpiece is going to fit into their vision or understanding. However, it is possible to discuss modern kitchens with some general terms. This is because modern design in the kitchen does tend to have some persistent characteristics.


Ultra modern kitchen


Common Patterns in Modern Style

It is typically a bit more minimalistic than many other styles. You won't have a lot of clutter or any collections of items that might crowd the space. Instead, it is a more streamlined affair that keeps surfaces open and ready to use, and stores everything from pots and pans to sugar and flour in highly organized and tidy ways.


Modern kitchen


You may notice that cabinetry is missing knobs and handles as this creates many unbroken lines and optimizes the modern look of the space. It even creates the sense of more space!


Many of the materials used for a modern kitchen are manufactured and it is more likely that you will see metal surfaces on appliances and even some counters or cabinetry. The faucets and taps as well as the appliances are quite likely to be a bit high-tech, and many of these features are "integrated" or built into the design or even concealed.


Lighting is also modernistic in its general layout and décor, and many people consider it bordering on the industrial style, with metal fixtures or columns of glass suspended from the ceilings. Track lighting is also more widely used, and energy efficient fixtures are also the norm.


Modern kitchen in new construction home


Décor, such as islands, cabinetry, and seating are also likely to be quite streamlined. Though comfortable, these furnishings may be a bit more austere and most definitely highly coordinated with the rest of the space.


Improving on Perfection

With the modern kitchens already a bit masterpiece-like in their efficiency and function, how can you improve upon them? There are many ways this can occur, but if your kitchen is not yet a modern one, you don't have to wrestle with a lot of changes in order to make it a modern masterpiece.


To begin with, focus on some of the terms we have already used, such as minimalistic, streamlined, and tidy. A kitchen that is being turned into a more modern variant is going to be open, airy, and functional. That means you want to create a space that is unified in color, such as painting cabinets and refinishing countertops to coordinate with the floors and appliances. 


Modern kitchen view


Keep the classic 60/30/10 ratio in mind with modern kitchens. Choose your dominant color, which in modern homes is often a pale grey, white, or a darker hue such as steel or oatmeal. Then choose the accent color, which can be the natural wood of the floors or the materials chosen for the countertops. Then add only a few splashes of the contrasting color. This could mean a black and white palette accented with splashes of green or red, and so on.


Modern spaces are usually devoid of the decorations and ornamentation, and they count on the simple lines and quality materials to do the heavy lifting. Because of that, if you have a budget that allows for new surfaces, countertops are the first step towards making a masterpiece. Stone, granite, marble and slate are the best options, and using them for counters, backsplashes or even as flooring can help you achieve great things without performing an entire renovation.


Modern kitchen view

Simplicity and good lines are the hallmarks of modern kitchen masterpieces. It is much easier than you might have thought to turn your kitchen into an updated space that is easier to use and trendier in its general style. Use these tips to update your kitchen and convert it to a more modernistic room.

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