6 Tricks to Open up a Small Room and Make It Look Bigger

With proper lighting, less clutter, and the right furniture, you can have a small room looking like the biggest room in the house.

By Snow White


Making a small room feel bigger can be a real challenge, but with the right elements, your room will feel open, light, and spacious. With the right pieces and illusions, your small bedroom, dining room, or any room for that matter, will be looking like the largest one in the house. Take note of these tips and tricks to opening up a small room and making your space look and feel bigger.


1. It’s All About Light

Utilize mirrors, windows, and lamps to strategically bounce light across your small space to open it up. A mirror across from a window or lamp will spread light around the room and make it look less small. Keep your curtains all the way open or tied back to allow more light into the room, and utilize multiple lamps across the room instead of one light source. Don’t be afraid of putting a mirror behind pieces of furniture to create the illusion that there’s more space behind it.




2. Declutter and Keep It Orderly

Just one toy on the floor, book out of place, or an unmade bed can make the entire room look messy, disorganized, and cramped. Be sure to keep the space neat and free of clutter, make the bed every morning, and tidy up whenever you leave the room. This will make it seem put together and not so noticeably small.




3. Bring in Some Nature

Bring in some elements from outside to bring some more air into the room. A potted plant in the corner, succulent on the table, or a hanging glass terrarium will have your guests thinking of the open outdoors instead of a small guest room. Sea glass in a mason jar, a pinecone centerpiece, or even scented candles can give this illusion of open space, and the natural elements will bring life to your home.




4. Go Big or Go Home

If you want your room to feel bigger, then fill the space with one or two large pieces. A large couch, bed, or table as your focus in the room decreases the clutter and draws your eye to one spot. As long as the large centerpiece fits, it’s size will make the room feel large. Also, don’t use small accents. Go big on these as well. A few large accents in a room will look bigger and cleaner than multiple small ones.




5. Keep Off the Walls

Items up against the walls can look cramped and smaller. Move items into the center of the room to make the area look more spacious. Do a DIY project to make a small table for remote controls and drinks, and put it between the couch and wall or move your small dresser in front of the window to give the room a more open feeling.




6. Stand Tall and Show Some Leg

Don’t hide the legs of your furniture! By having taller furniture and exposed legs not hidden underneath a tablecloth or couch cover, you can see in and around your pieces. This openness will make the room not feel as boxy and closed off. Having taller pieces will draw the eye up, and you will notice the height of the room instead of the small width.




With proper lighting, less clutter, and the right furniture, you can have a small room looking like the biggest room in the house. Leave a comment below and tell us how you transformed your small space, or your favorite space-saving illusion!


Images used with permission, courtesy of www.shutterstock.com

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