Unique Decorative Home Lights that will Brighten Up Any Space

Add a warm, soft glow to the rooms in your home with these chic lighting accents.

By Kelly O’Roark


Creating a warm, inviting space involves multiple interior design elements: a cohesive design style, complementary furnishings and décor, and various types of home lighting. While the lighting aspect is usually implemented in the form of ceiling lights and table lamps for the main source of light, accent lighting can play an equally important role in terms of ambiance. Decorative accent lights not only provide supplemental lighting, but also create a warm, soft glow that’s conducive to a relaxing environment.




If you’re looking for a way to bring coziness to the rooms in your home, here are four unique home lighting decoration ideas that’ll get the job done.


1. Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

Yes, the name sounds “interesting,” but rock salt is much more beautiful than one might think. So what are salt lamps exactly? A Himalayan salt lamp is a lamp made out of a large chunk of rock salt, in that the center is hollowed out, and a small light bulb is placed inside of it. While it may seem like a strange source of light, it can serve a dual purpose.




Firstly, the 3D design creates a very intricate work of art in regards to the aesthetics, and when it’s lit, the glow is similar to the color that you would see when you have a warm fire in your fireplace. Secondly, not only is it visually appealing while providing a fire-inspired glow, but certain salt lamps can actually double as a reading lamp.




If you’re looking for a small nightstand reading lamp for when you’re winding down with a good book at the end of the day, the subdued lighting might help you relax and drift off to sleep a little faster. If you happen to have a salt lamp that doesn’t put off quite enough light for reading, it’s still a great supplemental source for smaller lamps, and of course, adds a unique form of visual interest to a somewhat empty nightstand.


2. Decorative Lantern

While the days where everything had to be done by candlelight are long gone (thank goodness), it’s still nice to implement this historical form of lighting, but with a modern twist. While regular candles and tea lights are the perfect accents for dinner parties or a fabulous brunch buffet on your kitchen island breakfast bar, they can end up being a safety hazard if left unattended in other rooms throughout your house.




That’s why electric tea light candles make wonderful decorative accent lights, as they can provide small touches of soft light for the bedroom, and serve as nightlights in bathrooms and hallways (with a drastic reduction in the fire-risk department). From a décor perspective, they can also bring old-world charm to any room when used inside of a decorative lantern that’s designed to hold regular wax candles. All you have to do is turn the electric tea light on, place it inside of the lantern, and you’re done!




3. String Lights

When most people hear the word ‘string lights,’ they think about icicle lights that hang along the rooflines of houses during Christmastime. As much as my inner 13-year-old self would love to hang icicle lights from my ceiling, those aren’t the lights to which I’m referring. To implement sophisticated home lighting décor, ball string lights can be placed inside of a glass vase or jar to create a luminary vase that will provide a decorative accent to an empty space while emanating a soft glow.




When it comes to DIY home lighting ideas, it doesn’t get much easier than this. All you need to do is purchase two or three strings of ball lights and a 6-by-6-by-6-inch square glass vase. You can choose different colors to complement your décor, which will also add some dimension to your luminary masterpiece. Simply turn on your battery-operated lights (you may need to add batteries first, as they’re usually not included), and mix them together in the vase so that the colors are intermingled. It’s amazing how a two-step DIY project can produce something so elegant!




4. DIY Mini Crate Luminaries

If you’re looking for additional home lighting decoration ideas, here’s another simple DIY project. This one is a little more involved than the string light vase, but still quick and easy. All you need are two mini wooden crates, two electric tea light candles, and some artificial sprigs with a dark color (to contrast against the light crates). Stand each crate vertically and place two artificial floral sprigs on each side to form a “v” shape.




Next, place a tea light candle in the center of each crate, and voila! You’ve created a decorative accent that also provides supplemental lighting for a relaxing ambiance. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using tea light candles. So, you can use your creativity and a little imagination to create additional lighting accents for every room in your home.




Creating and implementing customized accent lighting is a great way to solidify a cohesive design style, as you can create accent lights that complement the main types of indoor home lighting that you have in each room. As a bonus, it usually costs less to make your own accent lights (as opposed to buying premade ones), so it’s a win all around. So grab some vases, lanterns, string lights, and electric tea lights, and let the fun begin!


Images used with permission, courtesy of Kelly O'Roark

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