The Changing Face of the Home Office

A home office can be in any room in the house. These tips will show your ideal location.

Unlike decades past, punching a time card at the factory or corporate building is no longer the overwhelming norm. According to data gathered by the Global Workplace Analytics website, half of American workers have a job that has the potential for telecommuting, and a quarter of the workforce actually does so with frequency. More and more Fortune 1000 companies are overhauling their physical setup each year due to the fact that studies indicate that workers aren’t even at their desks up to 60% of the time.


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What this means, of course, is that more of you are staying home to meet your career demands. And that means you need a dedicated area in which to focus, keep your work-related materials, and avoid distractions as much as possible. The design possibilities are only as limited as your imagination, and office furniture and other products have evolved to reflect this growing trend.


Working in a Small Space

You may have no more than a slim piece of real estate in an unused hallway – no problem. With a long, narrow work table supported by filing cabinets or mounted on the wall, and a floor-to-ceiling shelving and drawer unit, you can turn even the sparest square footage into a convenient and well-stocked workspace. Add a low-profile desk chair and you’re off and running.


Small office nook on the stairs with a bench seat


Working in a small corner of the dining room? The armoire that holds your china can also harbor a flip-down surface that functions as a desk. Once you put your work up for the night, your dinner guests will never know your secret.


Staking Your Claim

If you’ve been blessed with a generous master bedroom, carve out a corner and call it your own by putting up a trifold screen to create two distinct areas. A series of floating shelves over the desk creates storage that doesn’t eat up floor space, and undershelf lighting installed on the lowest one gives you your own cozy, well-lit nook.


Bedroom interior with office area


Moms are doing dual duty more than ever these days, and oftentimes their career must be merged with their parenting duties. If your kids are younger, this can mean sacrificing the luxury of a totally separate office room so that you can keep a watchful eye on the little ones’ activities. One end of a living room is ideal for this – but instead of putting your desk into a corner, set it out from the wall a bit and have your chair facing the room. This way you can respond to emails and tend to important tasks without having to take your eyes off those fast-moving tiny people.


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Unconventional Seating

Boy, have times changed from the typical leather riveted office chair that bespoke the important executive. We now know that sitting all day is terrible for our health, not to mention the various aches and pains it can cause. You now have a number of choices for ergonomic, comfortable seating while you work.


Standing desks are all the rage, and you can even get adaptive units for your desk that allow you to switch easily between sitting and standing, such as the Varidesk. These units move up and down to give you the perfect monitor view no matter which position you’re in.



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Kneeling chairs are also popular, allowing you to maintain proper posture while your knees rest on a comfortable padded surface. Another innovative new idea is the leaning chair, such as those by Focal Upright. These put you in a half standing, half sitting position that’s perfect for taking a bit of weight off your feet while keeping your work accessible.


Create an organized, productive, comfortable workspace right in your own home, no matter how much – or how little – extra room you have.

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