What to Know About Dining Room Table Styles Before You Buy

A family that eats together stays together. Here’s a complete guide to dining table styles so you’ll know how to pick just the right one for your family.

By Parinatha Sampath


The dining room is a space that helps you bond with your family over food and drink, and the dining table sets the mood and tone for your meals. So, your dining table must be of the right height, durable, visually appealing and of a comfortable size. If you get even of these aspects wrong, it could either be too suffocating or cold and intimidating. So, if you’re thinking about what dining table to buy, read this dining room table style guide before choosing the one that best suits your home and family.




The Traditional Dining Table

The traditional dining tables are ones with ornate detailing, intricate carvings and made of long-lasting solid wood. If you want a traditional table that’s luxurious, antique dining table styles are always a good option. That said, all traditional tables come with different types of dining table bases:


  • The pedestal base
  • The double pedestal base
  • The split pedestal base
  • The trestle base


These dining table legs, depending on the shape of the table, are designed to provide stability to the structure and generous leg room for everyone who is seated at the dining table.





The rustic table with a country-style feel to it’s usually large making it ideal for families or people who love to entertain guests. Typically made from oak or solid timber, these tables use weathered wood and are therefore quite sturdy. Their neutral shades and simple designs make them compatible with all kinds of home décor. These are especially ideal for families with children because they sustain scratches and stains with grace. What’s more, you can take the liberty to mix and match different chairs of your choice, and the table will blend in perfectly with it!




Mid-Century Modern Dining Tables

As we know mid-century modern design can be identified by sharp geometric patterns, minimalist designs, and simplicity. If this your kind of style, consider Scandinavian and shaker dining table styles because they’re just what you’re looking for. The table tops are wooden but sleek, and the legs are thin, straight, simple and sturdy. These elements balance the traditional and modern, which allows the tables to blend into both ambiances effortlessly. These dining tables are perfect for apartments because their minimalist design makes the space appear spacious and bright.




Modern Dining Tables

If you’re into modern dining room ideas, you might want to consider the modern kitchen tables. Among the modern dining table styles are glass top tables with metal bases. They seem delicate and difficult to maintain, but they’re not. In fact, it’s favorable to have a glass table because the transparency of the surface works well with most décor. It also helps to brighten up the space and make it seem bigger. Most importantly, glass tables today are tough, durable, and able to resist weight, heat, and scratches. They’re versatile enough to be paired with different styles of chairs. Metal top tables are another alternative, especially if you live in a warm city. They’re cool to the touch, stain resistant and highly durable. However, if you really want to make a statement with a modern dining table, a marble top table is definitely the way to go. It’s unmatched in beauty, durable, timeless and chic. However, it does require more care and maintenance than the others.




It goes without saying that preparation is a must before you go out and buy the dining table of your choice. Measure the space, balance the size with the elements in the room and make sure you buy comfortable chairs. Remember that food is most enjoyable when you’re comfortable. Once you buy your dining table, don’t hesitate to pretty up the space with different textures and elements. If you’re having trouble designing your dining room, here are three simple rules to follow!


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