Insanely Creative Elements for Kids’ Rooms

You can create the ideal space for your children's pastimes, right in their rooms!

Childhood only comes around once, so as a parent you want to make it as interesting and fun as you possibly can. You’ve probably put many hours of thought and planning into the perfect nursery décor theme, the best backyard playsets, and the cutest little wardrobe ever. But have you gone beyond the bed, dresser, and toy box in your child’s room? With some outside-the-box thinking and creative inspiration, along with a bit of time invested in project execution, you can add totally wild elements that will give your child many hours of imaginative play.


A Hidden Escape

The cozy tipi getaway – for under $200 you can purchase a child-sized prefab tent for your little one’s room (or make it yourself with a few basic supplies and a little elbow grease). This gives them a little hideaway in which to read, play tea party with friends, or even curl up for a nap.


Kids room with tent


Children’s rooms are often the smallest bedrooms in the house, but you can stretch that floor space out by installing a loft bed and hanging a curtain decorated with a castle or spaceship theme printed on it across the opening. Tuck in a bean bag, a little bookshelf, or a child-size craft table and chair you’ve got a cozy little nook where your child can retreat for creative playtime. Add a slide at the opposite end from the ladder and he’ll be the envy of all his friends.


Active Play Indoors

If you’ve got some extra space, or a dedicated playroom, why not bring the backyard fun inside for those days when weather has your child bouncing off the walls with cabin fever? Beamed ceilings allow easy installation of a swing, or you can mount on in a doorway on sturdy hooks, which lets you remove it when it’s not in use. For a charming country look, upcycle a used tire into a simple swing mounted to a ceiling stud.


Climbing is in, and with an inexpensive set of kids’ climbing rocks you can keep your child moving on those rainy days. Throw a large bean bag underneath for safety, or mount them on a wooden panel and attach it to the loft bed for a creative way to get up and down.


Little girl climbing


Artistic Flair

Your kids are going to draw on the walls anyway, so why not give them a place where it’s perfectly fine to do so? Use chalkboard paint to create a large drawing surface around the room at kid-height. They’ll be so excited that you might even be able to work in a little learning!


Have a little diva? Give her a place to strut her stuff by carving out a corner of the bedroom for a tiny stage made of a shallow, pie-shaped slab of wood mounted a few inches off the ground. Hang floor-to-ceiling drapes from a rounded valance to create the ideal arena for her performances. Child-sized chairs and a little wardrobe for her dress-up clothes can sit to the sides.


Boy drawing


Lego Blocks

Just when you thought there was no possible way to keep these dangerous little blocks off the floor, a clever solution shows itself. Hang flat Lego bases on one wall – so simple, yet so mesmerizing.


Lego blocks in room



With one (or more!) of these brilliant features in your child’s room, the only downside may be your own envy!

DISCLAIMER: Readers proceed at their own risk if they attempt to replicate any activities described here.

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