10 Ways to Rock Rustic

Rustic decorating is easy with limitless possibilities. Read here for tips!

The rustic look is very much “in” these days, and luckily for those who adore this style of country-inspired charm, it’s easy and inexpensive to achieve a warm, woodsy feel right within your own home. From large pieces right down to the tiny details, this guide will inspire you to get started on creating a custom décor scheme that will delight guests and make you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.


1. Pallets are the Natural Place

Pallets are the natural place to start when brainstorming for rustic décor ideas. Use them to create a table for the living room, or tear them down and rebuild the pieces into a handy wall-mounted wine rack or shelves. The options are limitless and you’ll be able to feel good about saving them from the trash heap.


Living room


2. Architectural Salvage

Architectural salvage is a great resource for finding planks from old flooring or barns. These can be attached together and varnished or painted for a charming, log cabin style headboard. Cut one down to a foot or two, use a doorknob drill bit to carve out holes for magnets, and hang it in the kitchen to hold knives.




3. Use Discarded Ladders

Use discarded ladders or build them yourself from reclaimed wood, and slide long planks between them for a functional yet homey storage solution. Use them to hold books, plants, picture frames, and more. 





4. Use Old Bricks or Rocks

Use old bricks or rocks to build an eye-popping kitchen island. This is definitely a labor-intensive project but the end result is stunning, and brings an authentic look into the kitchen that simply can’t be purchased in a store.





5. Twigs and Branches

Twigs and branches are an often overlooked resource that can be used in a variety of ways. An interesting, sprawling tree branch can be strung with Christmas lights for a striking chandelier. Use it as a statement piece in the foyer or hang a few outside for a gentle glow while entertaining in the summer.




6. Glue Slender Twigs Around Jars

Glue slender twigs around jars then insert candles to create a fascinating tablescape. Mount them in rows on a picture or mirror frame. Hang medium branches on the wall one above the other for a truly unique bookshelf. Attach a few with elbows vertically between two more, and use them as clothing hangers in the bedroom or near the front door.


Jars handmade lanters


7. Wagon Wheels

Wagon wheels can be mounted on a wall, or put together and topped with glass for a downright saloon-worthy accent table. A child’s rocking horse is a classic way to add charm to a bare corner, and a sheepskin rug can bring warmth and comfort to a hard wooden bench.


Close-up of a green rocking chair with a shawl. Children's rocking horse in the background


8. You May Not Cook with Cast Iron or Copper

You may not cook with cast iron or copper but they still look amazing hanging from a wood and metal pipe pot rack. And of course no rustic home is complete with several sets of antlers mounted on the wall here and there. Bring pops of color and brightness into the room with bundles of dried flowers hung upside down on the wall.


Set of saucepans hanging from a rack in the kitchen


9. What to Do With all Those Burned out Light Bulbs?

Wrap them in twine, of course, and add a little “stem”. Placed on a farm table inside a wicker basket, no one will ever know the secret to this virtually free decorative element.




10. Burlap Makes a Great Table Runner

Burlap makes a great table runner, as well as a holiday tree skirt. Cover a corkboard with it and mount cross-sections of small logs around the frame.


Wood plank board above burlap on wooden table, useful as a background


Finally, don’t forget to add little bits of color here and there. Too much brown becomes dark and monochromatic. Reds, yellows, and greens all complement a rustic décor theme well, and can be added to drawer fronts, window treatments, and throw pillows for that perfect little touch of brightness.


Interior design: living room and kitchen


DISCLAIMER: Readers proceed at their own risk if they attempt to replicate any activities described here.


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