Updated Lighting Options to Transform Your Space

Use light to your advantage and make your space really pop out.

Lighting is something that every room has to have, but so often, it isn’t utilized to its full potential. The right lighting can accent specific parts of the room, create dazzling displays of color and shadow, and even make sure the beauty of the colors in your décor shines through. Beyond that, even the fixtures you choose can play an integral role in helping to tie the entire room together. Below you’ll discover some updated lighting options that you can add to your home to transform each room.


Bookshelf Décor

While most people use bookshelves for reading materials, you can transform your space by using them for décor instead. Fill the shelves with artwork, antique bottles and other items that work with the style of the room. Then, add a small, colored light to each one to create a wash of color in each shelf. Alternate the colors for a stunning multi-color light show, or add a warmer white light between each one to tone everything down a bit. If you can find LED lights in colors that are already in the room, you will make sure everything is cohesive while still creating a focal point in the space.


Empty shelves on the wooden wall illuminated with reflector light


Backlighting in Unexpected Areas

Backlighting, which is when the light source is hidden behind something yet still creates a glow, is a great way to add a softer lighting method. Place them behind a large fabric headboard to add a romantic glow to the room, or place them behind an ornate mirror over the mantle to make sure everyone takes notice of the stonework and detail. You can also use this method behind steps and along the handrail of a staircase. You’ll not only make sure there is plenty of visibility; you’ll also add accent lighting that most people won’t expect to find in most homes. 


Room in a modern style with wooden walls with a marble part


Hanging Task Lights

If you have a smaller space, you may not want to add tables to hold task lighting. Instead of eating up valuable floor space, use hanging lights for bedside lamps or over a desk. If you can use options on a dimmer, you’ll have double-duty lighting that you can have as bright or as dim as you need for the activities. If using this method for task lighting over a desk, make sure to opt for bright LED lights to ensure you have plenty of brightness for reading and using your computer. 


Two hanging lamps over bedside tables



If you’re picturing boring wall sconces, think again. New wall light fixtures emit light from both the top and bottom, which can create interesting play between light and shadow. There are many contemporary designs that will work in a variety of rooms and hallways, ensuring you’ll find one that matches the look in your space. 


Wall sconce lamp


Pairing for Symmetry

While you may have overhead lighting in the living room, you’ll also want to make sure you have additional light closer to the seating areas. Use end tables at each end of that gorgeous sofa, and have a matching pair of lamps that accent the rest of the décor on each one. You can also center a console table behind the sofa and add a lamp at each end. Either option will add symmetry to the space and make sure they eye is drawn to whatever other decorations you place in the area. To really make the décor pop, pick lamps that replicate the accent color or capture a repeated color throughout the room.


Interior luxury apartment, comfortable classic living room


With so many different ways to use light in your home, you are sure to find a new and interesting way that appeals to you and works well with your chosen décor.

Images used with permission, courtesy of www.bigstock.com and www.dreamstime.com

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