Accessibility, Storage, and Other Shower Issues and Remedies

There are a few reasons why homeowners spend so much money on a bathroom remodel. Sure, the return on investment for bathroom-related upgrades is significant, but another big reason to take the plunge and improve your washroom situation is that everyone (including YOU) deserves an accessible, comfortable space.


But what happens if you're brimming with small shower ideas but don’t have the capital to invest in a full-fledged bathroom remodel or the time to design your room from scratch? Don’t worry! Today, you don’t necessarily have to perform a top-to-bottom makeover. Just start with the small issues you encounter every day in and around your shower and work from there.


In all likelihood, you’re probably dealing with a few of the problems I've outlined below. Here’s how to remedy four common issues and vastly improve your bathroom’s appearance and functionality in the process.


A Bad Flow or Inadequate Showerhead

There are times when insufficient water flow from your showerhead is due to an overall water pressure issue inside your home, and other times when it’s from a clogged or inadequate showerhead.



Remedy: Vinegar or New Showerhead

First, determine the root problem. Determine if the water pressure is poor throughout the home, or just the shower by using a pressure gauge that can read pounds per square inch (psi). If it reads between 30-80 psi, you’re in the clear, and it’s likely just a showerhead issue.


From here, you have two options:


  • Do you suspect the problem is due to mineral build-up? Remove the showerhead from the wall and soak it in vinegar for 30 minutes. Then, scrub away any remaining minerals using a sponge.
  • Do you believe your showerhead is faulty? Simply remove the fixture and replace it with a new one. This may cost you anywhere from $30 to more than $250, depending on your preferred style and material.


Lack of Storage

Many showers were designed without space to hold toiletries. While this may not seem like a big “deal,” it’s easy for the sides of your tub or shower floor to quickly become overcrowded with bottles of soap, shampoo, and the like.



Remedy: Rust-Proof Storage Solutions

The easiest solution is to invest in high-quality shower storage systems. Fortunately, there are many varieties of shower caddies available depending on your needs and the size of your shower. Corner shelves, shower head-mounted caddies, and organizers that hang over the shower curtain are a few great small bathroom ideas. There are also storage systems that sit right on the shower floor.


Remember, whichever caddy or system you choose is bound to quickly feel the impact of heat, water, and humidity, so ensure it’s made of a rust-proof material like teak or rust-resistant aluminum.


Small Space/Congestion

We didn’t care too much about building large bathrooms and showers a few decades ago. But tastes change, and today we’re all looking for a little more room in the shower. This is unfortunate for those of us living in older homes.



Remedy: New Door or Clear Curtain

Budget-restricted homeowners who don’t have the money to start tearing down walls can quickly “improve” the illusion of space one of two ways:


  • If you own a walk-in shower, change the shower door to a thinner glass with low-profile hardware or completely remove the door altogether.
  • If you own a traditional stall with a tub, use a clear or white opaque curtain to draw in light.


A Raised Tub

Shower and tubs that differ from standard heights and lengths are hazardous when you have children or elderly adults living with you or visiting.



Remedy: A Step-Stool

It’s quite difficult to change the height of the entrance of a shower stall or tub and, so instead of trying to alter the floor or change it out completely, just add a step stool or bath safety step next to the tub.


This everyday household item serves as a reminder for family and friends to use caution when stepping in and out of the shower stall.


When you don’t have the money or time to complete an entire bathroom rehaul, start the process of improving your space by working on the problems you’re facing. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your bathrooms meet your immediate needs.


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Images used with permission, courtesy of Tina Jepson

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