How to Make Your Home Décor Funky and Fun

Get down, get funky. Master the bright bold look of interior design for unique (and proud of it!) personalities.

By Ande Waggener


The dictionary defines "funky," as it pertains to style, in three ways: something that has an odd feeling, something that is unconventionally stylish, or something that is lacking style entirely. In interior design, you can get funky in any of these three ways. Funky home décor, in a nutshell, is something that is so unusual and taste-specific that it’s likely to appeal only to the person or people who chose it. Because of this, by nature, it feels odd, is unconventional, and could be deemed lacking in style by the vast majority of people.


Funky interior design is one step beyond avant-garde. Whereas avant-garde design breaks the boundaries of conventional design, funky design refuses to acknowledge that there was ever a boundary to break.


So why would you want to go funky when you design your room? This style is the right fit for you if you never feel like the right fit to anything.


If you would fall in love with a room most people would hate, you’ll like these five interior design ideas that can help you capture funky and let it play in your home.


Adore the Asymmetrical

Going off-script is the mainspring of funky interior design. This means everything must feel a little off … off-center, off-base, off-balance. One of the fastest ways to get to “off,” is via asymmetry. A funky room will not have any matching reflections. Sizes won’t balance. Colors won’t balance. Numbers won’t balance. Design elements working in opposition or simply showing up and standing out are ideal for this design style.




Attach to the Atypical

Design elements that typically go together have no place in a funky room. Instead, a funky room connects disparate design styles. Although much of funky design gets inspiration from modern motifs, you can still use traditional features. Just pair them with other features that would seem at odds with them. Modern furniture, for instance, slips into funky when it marries with Old World architecture.




Crave the Crazy Colors

Vibrant, contrasting colors are funky styling’s best friend. A funky room doesn’t have to have crazy colors, but when it does, it takes little else to create that funky feel. Use bright tones in memorable combinations to paint your room funky.




Unleash the Unexpected

Surprising design elements are essential to funky rooms. Ordinary accents won’t do. You need accents that are so startling a visitor might get whiplash -- turning for a double take to ask, “What is that?” To accomplish this impact, you don’t have to go out and find super-bizarre accents. Just combine ordinary objects in ways that make them look like something you wouldn’t see as a room accent. Lipstick tubes, for example, aren’t your run-of-the-mill living room décor.




Ordinary objects in large sizes can work as well. So can themed objects not generally associated with the room they’re in. These types of unexpected design elements give you the means to develop light-hearted room styling that is suggestive of a specific place (like a zoo, perhaps). You can get funky with even muted colors when you use this technique.




Embrace the Eye-catching

Just as funky accents demand a second look, funky wall features lasso the eye and hold it mesmerized. Although you can achieve this riveted attention with wallpaper and/or paint combinations, a three dimensional wall is even better. Remember funky design is all about doing the unexpected. Given that walls are expected to be either straight or, at the most, curved, contorting them into some other shape will develop a funky impression.




As you can see from the above ideas, it doesn’t take high end furniture or design materials to create a funky style. Because funky isn’t upscale or cutting edge, it can easily be done with thrift shop or garage sale finds. The key isn’t in what you use in your room but in how you combine it. When you put things together in an offbeat way, it’s easy to get funky.


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