How to Brighten Your Home Décor with Pendant Lighting

Although we’re used to seeing pendant lights marching in organized lines through kitchen interior design, that’s not all they’re good for.



Pendant lights are one of the most popular light fixture styles used in all rooms in the home. A good match to both contemporary and traditional home décor, pendants can do so many light tricks that it’s no wonder they’re well-loved.


Because they’re so versatile, pendant lights have multiple personalities. Depending on how you use them, pendants can be shy wallflowers that blend into your room or sassy showboats that grab the role of your room’s focal point.


The nearly endless number of glass and metal finishes available for pendants make them a fit for almost any color scheme or design style you have in your home. Plus, because they can use LED, incandescent, or halogen bulbs, you can achieve nearly any lighting mood with pendants. One thing to keep in mind, however, is the more pendants you are using together, the more you might want to consider a dimmer switch. The high light output of some pendants can be overpowering in many home situations.


Are you ready to see what these adaptable lights can do for you? Here are seven creative ways you can use pendant lights when you design your room.


1. Make a Chandelier

Instead of purchasing an expensive and heavy chandelier, try clustering a few pendants in the center of the room for a lighter, more unique “fixture.”



The three simple pendants in the above room are an elegant, minimalist lighting feature. (I’m sure the cat approves.)


The more pendants you use, the bigger eye-catching light statement you’ll achieve.



Hanging an arrangement like the one above over your table would make for a wow dining room.


2. Get a Romantic Bathroom

One of the most popular bathroom ideas is setting a romantic mood in the space. Instead of sconces or overhead lights, when you use pendants in a bathroom, you can position them in non-traditional ways that create that kind of mood.



Setting the pendants to the side of the sink, as above, also has the added benefit of function. Peripheral lighting can be flattering to the face, much gentler than a spotlight shining down from above.


3. Brighten and Open Your Workspace

If you want a bright light at your desk, you usually have to use a powerful desk lamp. Such a light is fine, but it takes desk space, which usually is at a premium.



As the above photo shows, desk lamps usually aren’t the prettiest things either. Plus, thanks to Pixar, you often get the sense the lamp is going to come to life and start hopping on your computer.


Pendant lights are a much friendlier home office choice. Hang a cluster above your desk, and you’ll have all the light you need for the task without cluttering up your work area.



4. Free up Your Nightstands

In a similar maneuver to their work area role, pendants can also create space on your nightstands. You don’t have to arrange nightstand accents around a lamp.



You can instead hang pendants low above the nightstands.



As you can see above, you get the same convenient light from pendants, but your entire nightstand is available for books or whatever accents fit your style.


5. Pair with Fabrics

While we’re in the bedroom, let’s use pendants to create the kind of relaxed mood you want in your sleeping and relationships space.



Do you see how pairing the pendants with the sheers evokes a feeling of tranquil serenity? It’s almost like seeing the sunshine down through wispy clouds.


6. Create Art

Instead of purchasing expensive art and lighting, you can get both when you use pendants. In spare, modern styling, a cluster of pendants is perfect for a mantle-less fireplace.



Varying the shapes and sizes of the pendants, as above, creates a sculptural arrangement that looks like an art piece.


Using additional sizes and shapes, you can get an even stronger abstract art piece from pendants.



7. Nix your Headboard

Because of the way they can blend so ingeniously, you can use large pendants together to replace any need for a headboard in your bedroom.



Just the wall hangings above wouldn’t have had enough presence to act as a headboard for the bed above. But the pendants have the size and weight necessary to anchor the bed just as a headboard would. This configuration saves you money (you don’t have to buy a headboard), and it brightens the space.


So are you in love with pendants yet?


The above ideas are just a few examples of the creative fun you can have with pendant lights. Cluster them, spread them out, place them where you need light or where you need to create a mood. They’ll do whatever job you give them.


If you want to see how pendant lights could work in your décor, try them out in House Tipster’s Virtual Rooms.


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