How to Make Elegant Halloween Home Décor

When you think of Halloween or classy interior design ideas, you probably don’t conjure up any images that combine the two. If you have beautiful home décor and you love Halloween, you may just resign yourself to giving your rooms over to corny ghosts and ghouls for a few days. But what if you could tastefully weave Halloween themes into your existing décor? Better yet, what if you could add elements to your interior design that are permanent but also Halloween-ready? Here are seven interior design ideas (some for year-round home décor and others for quick, timely additions) that make it easy to decorate your home for Halloween in style.


1. Start with a Base of Black

It goes without saying that the color black is a Halloween necessity. This works splendidly for home décor, because black is a neutral color that can serve as the basis of many elegant interior design styles.


If you love Halloween, consider choosing a black dining table. It will create a stunning statement in your dining room year-round, and it can easily be dressed for Halloween.



As you can see in the photo above, you can add black light fixtures as well. Notice how the addition of an orange table runner immediately develops Halloween character. Off-season, you can always swap this out with another fabric style.


More potential black staples in your sleek and modern décor can be coffee tables or a chic fireplace.



Again, because black is so versatile, it can effortlessly slide into even the most upscale room – and it’s easier to accessorize thoughtfully from there.



If you don’t use black in your décor year-round, though, it’s easy to add a touch just for Halloween.


Just toss a black throw over the sofa, or trade out your regular pillows for black ones.

2. Have Fun with Orange

The second color we all associate with Halloween is orange. If you find the perfect pumpkin shade, this hue can actually be integrated into your year-round décor. If you already have an orange-toned wall color, for instance, it can be a bold background for your more neutral furnishings and window coverings.


But if you’re not a fan of all-over orange, or bright dayglow shades, you likely won’t want to look at it every day. That’s okay. You can easily pepper your rooms with less-permanent, yet still stylish shades of orange throughout October for Halloween.



A warm orange tablecloth in the kitchen or comforter in the bedroom, for example, can give off a similarly bold effect for your space, and have you feeling extra festive. Bonus: you can effortlessly swap it out with the seasons.



You can also dress up your neutral sofas, armchairs, or bedding with lively orange pillows.



To kick your dedication up a level, you could swap out a rug and/or some room accents for orange ones you keep stored away the rest of the year. Who says Halloween decorations have to feature childish witch designs or rubber spiders?.

3. Experiment with Light

No matter how Halloween-representative the colors black and orange are, they aren’t enough on their own to summon the sinister and eerie feel Halloween requires. After all, we have just proved you can work the statement colors into your year-round decor. So now it’s time to add some distinctly Halloween lighting.



The undisputed champions of Halloween lighting are candles – and there are an endless array of sizes, shapes, colors, and scents to choose from.


Consider adding a dramatic candelabra to your tablescape. You can even get your seasonal Pumpkin Spice fix through some extra-festive scented candles.



Creative lanterns are a good choice too. (Just think of an enraged mob, lanterns aloft, surging through the night after Frankenstein’s monster.)



Both candles and lanterns, of course, are at home in your décor all year long. Combine them together in a cluster for Halloween, and you’ll have the eerie light you need for a direful aura.


Candles and lanterns, of course, can fit into your home décor all year long. Combine them together in a stylized cluster for Halloween, and you’ll have the eerie light you need for a direful aura.



4. Use Your Imagination with Sheers

Sheer curtains are a chic window covering any time of year. If you happen to have them in your home, pull them to one side to create the impression of a ghost’s flowing death shroud.



If you don’t have sheer curtains, they are an easy detail to add just for Halloween – and the drapery can easily stay part of your everyday living space. When they catch the light or a cool draft on All Hallows’ Eve, your imagine just may take over and have you extra spooked.



Take down the usual window treatment and drape the sheers or netting over the rod.


5. Have Fun with Creepy Accents

There’s no need to banish all the childlike creativity when it comes to upscale holiday decor. Items that are innocuous most of the year can suddenly seem chilling at Halloween. So this is a way you can have fun with your everyday décor.


First up, look for vintage items that can add interest to your room, especially items that could have a different meaning around Halloween. For example, a vintage ornate distressed table might look like a gravestone for Halloween.



Another creepy accent can be created combining candles with mirrors. In Ireland and Britain, a common All Hallows’ Eve divination ritual is scrying or mirror-gazing. Setting candles near a mirror, therefore, sets the scene for a spectral Halloween custom.


The combination of mirrors and candles is a refined look that works in everyday décor as well.



The combination of mirrors and candles is a refined look that works in everyday décor as well.

6. Add In Some Witchy Touches

If you feel like you can’t celebrate Halloween without a few witchy touches, get creative! A fun way to bring out the seasonal spirit is by purchasing a decorative witch’s hat a thrift store, combining it with some fall-themed décor, and accenting your coffee table Halloween-style. Or, you can capture the same essence with a dark tablescape.



Another wonderfully witchy touch is through a witch’s broom. You can take this literally, and hang up a playful accessory. Or take inspiration from the materials. Because natural wood elements are such a pleasing addition to many interior design styles, you can make a “witch’s broom” and tuck it into your usual décor.


Just find a long stick or piece of driftwood. Add a “bouquet” of dead branches with a piece of twine. Prop your “broom” where you would like to add some texture to your décor.



7. Accessorize with Traditional Foods

What symbolizes Halloween more than a pumpkin? Displaying pumpkins in your home décor is easy. Real ones can later be repurposed for carving or pie-making, and faux versions need not be the plastic buckets of your childhood trick-or-treating days.



But you can go beyond the glaringly obvious.


Traditional Halloween celebrations include bobbing for apples, so set out some apples. (They’ll look especially appropriate if placed on a black cloth.)



Gourds are also often used in Halloween decorating. However, if you don’t want to buy them just for this time of year, find pottery pieces that look like gourds and include them in your home décor.


 If they’re not in fall colors, you will easily find ways to make these seasonal pieces relevant year-round.



As you can see from the above ideas, you don’t have to go full on ghost-y to decorate for Halloween. If you have kids in your family, it can be tons of fun to create those classically corny Halloween vignettes. But there’s no reason you can’t celebrate the holiday in style with some high-end designer pieces as well!


If you’d like to experiment with creating a Halloween feel in elegant interiors, try House Tipster’s Virtual Room Planner.


Images used with permission

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