Everything You Need to Know About The Villa Virtual Room

Neutral, bright kitchens are so hot right now. See for yourself using the Villa Virtual Room.

By Tina Jepson


Neutrals are making a comeback, especially in the kitchen. Chances are, you’ve seen your fair share of white cabinets, marble countertops, and subdued cabinet paint on DIY-television shows, open houses, and even at the local home improvement store.


Although some trends come and go, especially when it comes to color, we don’t anticipate the bright, neutral kitchen fad to go anywhere. Why? Because we spent a lot of time in the kitchen, so it needs to work for us. A light, fresh, pristine kitchen is bound to improve your mood. Plus, it’ll help your family, friends, and other guests feel welcome and comfortable.


The Villa Kitchen, a Virtual Room created by House Tipster, fits all this criteria and more. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Go ahead and try it for yourself!


Here’s how I went about navigating the Villa Virtual Room.


Classically Clean

Light is the centerpiece of the Villa Virtual Room. Upon first glance, I was immediately drawn to the large window, recessed lights, and beautiful fixture over the center island. But it’s not just the light that brightens the space, the colors of the ten room components also add to the overall ambiance.


It may sound simple, but Villa looks extremely clean. Together, the appliances, countertops, and other features make the space sparkle.




Cabinetry: The Deciding Factor

I decided to follow the drop down menu to customize this room, beginning with the “Island Cabinets.” The cabinetry automatically loads with Flint, a Windsor-Style painted door by Hampshire Cabinetry. Their craftsman detail of these cabinets appears versatile, and I could see it in several design schemes from modern to traditional. I liked Flint, but I wanted to try a few lighter colors and Mint, a perfect pastel green with a hint of gray, definitely fit the bill for me.


To stay consistent, I also selected Mint for the regular “Cabinets.”


“Handles” were also a component I was able to customize to my liking. At first, I thought I’d go with Light Bronze, but I ultimately selected the White Bronze Helios Knobs by Ashley Norton Architectural Hardware.




Contemplating Countertops

In keeping with the theme of “Bright and Airy,” I wanted to find countertops that reflected light and made the room appear even sunnier.


Beginning with “Island,” I tried each and every one of the ten granite and marble options available from Marble.com. Alphaville granite was an instant favorite, but I also liked Afyon White. After going back and forth between these two final options, I determined the Afyon White had slightly less veining and thus, was perfect for this pristine room.


It was easy to also change the “Perimeter” and “Backsplash” to Afyon White too!




Completing the Kitchen Oasis

The Tudor Brazilian Oak Hardwoods from Lumber Liquidators under the “Floor” category were stunning, and I could easily see them in every room of my current home.  But they weren’t what I was looking for in this particular space. However, the Matte Carriage House White Ash Hardwoods looked just right up against the cabinetry.  Perfection!




Selecting a paint color for the “Walls” was also no sweat because most of the shades offered by Behr in this room verged on pastel. In fact, almost any of them would have worked for me. Since the cabinets I selected were a grayish green, I decided that gray paint would be the best option for my Villa Virtual Room. Thus, Hazy Trail was the best solution.


Appliances were my final selection, and this was also an easy decision on my part. Sure, an Apple Red range could work in a modern kitchen, but it just wouldn’t fly in this one. I knew right off the bat that Stainless Steel was the way to go for both the “Range” and the Viking “Hood.”




This Villa Virtual Room contained great components that could work in a variety of kitchens. It was a fun experience because I could change the ambiance of the entire room with just a click of a button. Plus, it made me realize just how important color is when designing a room!




The writer of this article was compensated for their review.

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