Why You Need a Basket (or Two) For Every Room

Try these surprisingly simple ways to keep your clutter organized and looking stylish with baskets.

By Kate De Palma


Baskets are a quick and stylish way to dress up any room and keep some of your clutter in check at the same time. Super versatile in all that they can hold, and coming in pretty much every shape, size, color, and weave imaginable, baskets are my go-to every time I need to find a place for something. Way more affordable than a piece of furniture (and definitely easier to move around or swap out if you’re not totally happy with it), baskets are the key to a well-kept home.


Whether you opt for baskets handwoven by fair trade artisans in El Salvador or decide to go secondhand with a variety of thrift store baskets, go ahead and choose what works best for your style and budget.


Need some ideas to get you started? Here’s a look at a selection of baskets around the house. No matter the room you need some help organizing, there’s a basket for that!


Family Room

An oversized basket can live on the family room floor to hold extra blankets for when the weather gets chilly. Or, put a flat basket on the coffee table or end table to organize some of the items that tend to end up all over. Whether you need a place for coasters, all your different TV, DVR, and Cable Box remotes, or the dongle for your spouse’s computer which of course your computer doesn’t need, throw it all in an attractive tabletop basket.





A bathroom can quickly become overrun with products, makeup, first-aid, medicine, cleaning supplies, extra toilet paper, you name it. Luckily, there are so many different ways a basket can come in handy in the bathroom to help keep everything organized. If you have an under-the-sink cabinet, you can use large square baskets to hold products by category – one for cleaning supplies, another for your hair dryer and hairspray. If you have a pedestal sink, a segmented basket on top of the toilet will help you keep products looking organized and neat. You can also store extra towels in a large basket artfully displayed, or, for small bathrooms, opt for a wall basket that can double as a towel holder.




Guest Room

A spare bedroom can easily become the place where you shove everything that you don’t have a place for in the rest of the house. Help manage that influx of belongings with small baskets on closet shelves to catch whatever you happen to throw in there. Short on linen closet space? Keep spare pillows and blankets in an oversized basket that can fit in that wasted space between the dresser and the doorframe.





These days, any office is likely to be rife with technology, all which come with its own set of cords, cables, and chargers. Getting a designated basket to store cords will help keep them all in one place and not look too shabby either.





Keep countertop clutter from getting out of control with a catch-all basket. It’s an oh-so-easy accessory that offers a place to keep some of your most-used kitchen items, without drawing attention to unattractive containers. Plus, you’ll save time not having to take out and put away the olive oil every time you want to sauté something.





Go ahead. Give yourself somewhere easy to throw keys, sunglasses and other sundries when you walk in the door, tired after a long day of work. A small basket on your hall table can act as a catch-all for all of life’s necessities you don’t want to waste time looking for later. Or, go for a larger flat basket that can also store your wallet or wristlet and the day’s mail until you’re ready to deal with it.




With so many options for each room, baskets may be the answer you’ve been looking for to tame the chaos in your house.


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Images used with permission, courtesy of Kate De Palma

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