Use Throw Pillows to Bring an Artistic Touch to Your Home’s Design Style

Once you’ve set up the seating areas in your home with all of the right furnishings, adding the final decorative touches can take your rooms from ‘plain’ to ‘pretty,’ especially when you toss in some throw pillows (see what I did there?). Anyway, while throw pillows can be used for functional purposes, such as lumbar support when sitting or head support while laying down, they play an even larger role in the landscape of your room’s design.



Throw pillows can be used as decorative pieces that tie a room together by creating a cohesive pattern or color scheme. They can bring out the vivid colors in an area rug or play a more subdued role against a bold-patterned couch. Here are five real-life examples of how throw pillows can transform several areas in your home, taking them from “blah” to “beautiful” in a matter of no time.



Each bedroom in your house has its own color scheme and design style, and it’s best to find throw pillows that not only complement the comforter, but the colors in the rest of the room (the décor, flooring, wall colors, etc.). In this master bedroom, tan, cream, sage green and various shades of burgundy and red play a starring, especially in the comforter. When choosing multiple throw pillows for a bed, it’s best to mix and match with some solid colors and varying patterns to add visual interest so that the pillows stand out instead of blending in like camouflage.



This bed has four “rows” in front of the sham pillows to provide a three-dimensional look since the sham pillows alone would fall flat in terms of eye-popping dimension. The first row has three solid-colored sage green pillows. The next row has two floral patterned pillows that match the sham pillows and comforter. The third row has a nice pop of vivid red. And the fourth row has a cylindrical shape that pulls the cream and tan colors in the comforter in the form of a striped pattern.


The various shapes – square, circle, and cylinder – also play an important role when it comes to visual interest. The brightest circular pillow ties in beautifully with the red candle sconces on either side of the bed while enhancing the red and burgundy tones in the comforter.



In this guest bedroom, the setup is a little different, but it has a very similar concept – several rows of pillows with varying colors and patterns. This bed, like the bed in the master bedroom, also has a vibrant accent pillow that is front-and-center (the giraffe print), which ties the giraffe theme in the décor onto the bed.


Living Areas

When it comes to couches, throw pillows are an absolute must as they serve a dual purpose in form and function. Not only do they provide comfort for sitting, but they are a great way to complement the colors and patterns of the surrounding décor. If you’re going for a modern look, be sure to have an odd number of pillows (3 or 5), as seen here.



In this family room, the solid-colored leather couch is a perfect backdrop for patterned throw pillows. The two striped pillows have brown and silver-blue accent colors, which tie in with the area rug and décor, and the cream-colored pillow also complements the décor while providing an intricate, textured pattern against the smooth leather couch.



In this living room, there is almost an opposite design style, as its traditional floral pattern and even number of pillows (one on each side), take center stage with a solid-colored ottoman and throw blanket to bring out the colors in the couch and area rug.



Since the couch has lots of vivid colors, the cream-colored throw pillows are a good contrast as they highlight the small touches of cream in the couch pattern. Again, since it’s more a traditional look, there are two throw pillows instead of three, and a similar texture to the texture of the couch.


Window Seats

When it comes to window seats and reading nooks, throw pillows take center stage in the design. These not only provide a comfortable place to recline with a good book and hot cup of tea, but also bring splashes of color against plain window treatments. This window seat has the perfect amount of visual interest, as the colors and patterns are very distinct, but don’t detract from the main focal points in the room such as the fireplace.



The beige walls and seat cushion create the perfect backdrop for the large gold throw pillows on either side of a warm persimmon-colored pillow. To contrast the solid colors and subtle patterns, the floral throw pillows provide an elegant touch with beautiful flowers and touches of gold from the larger pillows behind them.


Each pillow has a different fabric texture, color scheme, and level of firmness, which nails the form, function, and aesthetic aspects of the seating area. Unlike the beds, you only want one or two rows of pillows since there wouldn’t be any place to sit with four rows of pillows. Making sure that the functionality aspect is still intact is key!


Implementing throw pillows into your home’s design is an easy and inexpensive way to add an artistic touch to multiple pieces of furniture while enhancing the décor and comfort level of each room. What type of throw pillows suits your style? Do you gravitate to large pillows with bold patterns and colors or smaller pillows with subdued colors? Or do you like to mix and match with both? Let us know in the comments below!


Images used with permission, courtesy of Kelly O'Roark

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