How to Infuse Vintage-Inspired Artwork into Your Home’s Modern Design

Fine art paintings aren’t just for museums. They can enhance your home’s décor even in the 21st century.

By Kelly O’Roark


If you’re in love with the idea of vintage-style fine art paintings in the home (such as still-lifes and landscapes), but your home’s design revolves around modern architecture, it’s possible to fuse the best of both worlds together. There’s something about capturing the beauty of trees, flowers, fruit, and landscapes in a classic way to bring the tranquility of nature into your home décor.




If you’ve built a new home or have updated your current home with a modern architectural design, that doesn’t mean that all of your décor has to be contemporary. In fact, marrying vintage and modern décor provides a refreshing and unique look to what could otherwise end up being a monotone space. Instead of having predictable décor (the same modern paintings and furniture in every room), it’s best to mix it up, as a true hallmark of advanced interior design is the art of taking vintage pieces and throwing them into a modern space to seamlessly usher that old-school style into the 21st century.




Here are four areas where you can implement vintage-inspired fine art paintings in the home so that it blends harmoniously into your modern design.


1. The Master Bedroom

Regardless of what type of comforter, bedframe, or headboard you have, you can find a fine art painting that matches the color scheme so that it perfectly complements the surrounding furnishings. This bedroom has more modern furnishings and bedding (no quilts or rocking chairs), but at the same time, it also has classic prints which can bridge the gap between vintage and modern.




This landscape painting provides subtle pops of color that complement the color scheme of the bedroom and fits in perfectly without being a distraction. Since this is the master bedroom, it’s the perfect place to implement a soft, classic painting.


2. The Kitchen

Having a breakfast nook or eat-in kitchen provides a soothing space to start your day right – a hearty breakfast, some quiet time, and of course – coffee! To set a tranquil tone in this space, a fine art painting with muted colors does the job well.




In this eating area, side-by-side large wall paintings help to decorate the wall space without being too obtrusive. The warm earth tones create an inviting atmosphere, which is perfect for sharing a meal and having a conversation over coffee.


3. The Dining Room

Even in a modern home, you can create different design styles in each room, such as the neoclassical design style in this dining room. In this particular room, fine art in the form of still-life paintings is the perfect way to bring this design style full circle.




Vases, fruits, and flowers with rich, lavish colors are an elegant touch for a formal dining space, as it embodies the spirit of the occasion: Eat, drink, and be merry!


4. The Hallway

Large rooms aren’t the only place where fine art can be displayed. Small hallways are often overlooked, but fine art can bring that empty space to life and draw attention to the entrance of a room. This small alcove is right outside of the master bedroom, and this painting provides a bold statement piece that sets the tone for the home’s main bedroom.




This painting is unique in that it not only provides a vintage-style painting of a bountiful jardiniere, but it also implements wrought iron into the frame to infuse a more modern piece of art. A recessed ceiling light provides an elegant spotlight for this masterpiece and helps to showcase wall art that ties into a cohesive theme.


Implementing fine art into your home adds an air of sophistication by bringing vintage beauty into the modern world, and is the perfect medium to marry the traditional with the contemporary. What’s your preference regarding fine art paintings in the home? Do you prefer still life and landscapes or do you prefer people and animals? Let us know how you’ve incorporated fine art into your modern abode in the comments below!


Images used with permission, courtesy of Kelly O'Roark

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