Incredible Tips for Decorating a Teenage Girl’s Bedroom

Are you torn between wanting to give your teenage daughter creative decorating freedom and not wanting band posters and sticky tape plastering her walls? I’ll show you five cheap and affordable ways to get the dream room that both you AND your teen can be happy about.



1. Tapestry

It’s like wallpaper without the hassle. All you have to do is hang it up on any flat surface and voila! A tapestry can pull any room together while adding a pop of color to the walls. For bonus points, you can even hang it on the ceiling. Also, it can double as a picnic blanket for those fun summer days in the park. Multitasking!



2. Decorative pillows

Decorative pillows are pretty and comfy — the perfect balance for any teenager! After a long day of studying and field hockey practice, your child will love to come home and relax on her stylish new pillows. They’re a great accent to any room, with cute patterns and quotes to emphasize the “cool girl” vibe. Decorative pillows can really transform a bed into a unique expression of creativity.



3. Storage

Few things are more annoying than coming home to your daughter’s shoes sprawled around all over the living room floor. With a shoe rack hanging on the inside of her closet, there’s nothing that won’t stop her room from looking cool and collected, while you get to have your clean living room floor back. Another fun storage option is colorful boxes to eliminate clutter while adding yet another spark of originality to your child’s room.



4. Whiteboard

Want your teen to be trendy AND organized? Tired of nagging her about her upcoming homework due dates? Hang a whiteboard over her desk, or get a free-standing one. That way, she’ll enjoy writing down her schedule and "to do" list, and you’ll enjoy her productivity. Add neon whiteboard markers for a fun twist!



5. Decorative Lighting

Last, but definitely not least, my FAVORITE decoration is fairy lights around the room. Not only does it give a personal and homey feel to the space, but it looks so magical too! Your daughter’s inner princess will feel enchanted as she strings the lights around any surface, and watches her room light up!



These simple but effective tips will easily leave your teenager’s room feeling fresh and fun in no time! Let us know what other decorating tricks are you and your child’s favorite!


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