Front Porch Upgrades that will Make a Stunning First Impression

Decorating your porch is about more than just putting a pumpkin out for Halloween or hanging a wreath some time in December. If that's the most TLC you ever show your front porch, it's time for you to show it some year-round love and treat it the way you want to be treated. True, some of us never even see our front doors (anyone else come home through their garage?), but that's no reason to neglect a perfectly good outdoor space that's on display for the world to see.


Stop ignoring your front porch ten months out of the year and start taking advantage of whatever space you have with these simple, personalized touches. Incorporated separately or all together, they will spruce up your space, boost your home's curb appeal, and wow your guests and neighbors in no time.


1. Go Vertical

Chances are, your porch's real estate is pretty limited, and you don't want to make it look smaller with too much clutter. Instead, take advantage of vertical space with some eye-catching pieces that welcome guests to your home. Go bold with a large rustic "Welcome" sign hand-painted or stenciled on reclaimed wooden boards. Or, opt for a seasonal "Summer" or "Winter" sign (hint: make it reversible to save on materials and storage space). Ladder shelving — not just for indoors — is also a great way to display smaller signs, potted plants, and other cute knickknacks you have on hand but never knew what to do with.



2. Pull Up a Chair

Nothing is quite as welcoming as a cozy sitting area that fits your house and shows off your style. A small bistro table set complete with a potted succulent plant centerpiece, a pair of rocking chairs flanking a little end table, or a wooden bench covered in colorful cushions are all sweet (and functional!) touches that will transform your porch in no time. Keep your seating simple with one or two colors that coordinate with your house, or go all out with festive throw pillows to celebrate the changing seasons and/or every holiday imaginable. So much easier than putting up Christmas lights.



3. Easy As 1-2-3

Add a pop of color and personality with a customized address plate for your house. Going for a rustic or farmhouse feel? Opt for a wooden plaque (bonus points for reclaimed wood) with brass or hand-painted numbers. Want something more modern? Find a set of sleek, oversized aluminum numbers to hang vertically next to your front door. Always wanted to play-up the cottage-y aspect of your humble abode? Go DIY with stenciled numbers on mason jars that double as vases or find a local artist to hand-paint a sign with your house number set against a backdrop of pretty pastel flowers.



4. Monogram It

Complete the personalized touch to your porch with decorative details that are all about you and your family. A large, cursive "D" takes the place of a traditional wreath on my door, or you can simply add a wooden letter smack-dab to the middle of the wreath you already have. Feeling ambitious? Get your DIY on with a vertical planter box in the shape of your chosen letter (Hint: cedar will hold up to watering and the elements). Not really the DIY type? Invest in a monogrammed welcome mat or a monogrammed pillow for your porch's new sitting area.



Say goodbye to a front porch that merely sits on the sidelines and hello to a front porch that takes center stage. You'll love the new look you can get with just a few touches here and there.


Images used with permission, courtesy of Kate De Palma

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