How to Box in Your Patio or Porch With Style

Have you been staring through your window at your porch or patio, tapping your fingers against your coffee cup as you think about the possibilities waiting there? As an outdoor asset, you can certainly make use of the space by building a gathering place for your guests. But if you’re thinking you can do more with it as indoor territory, boxing it in to create a new room makes sense. Here are some design tips to turn this outdoor space into an interior room worth remembering!



Incorporate What’s Already There

One of the beauties of patios and porches for this box-in task is they come with decorative options not available in other areas of your home. This concept makes good sense because they weren’t designed to be indoors, but you shouldn’t toss aside these outdoor factors just because you’re going to make an indoor area. Rather, embrace them since these outdoor elements can add a level of charm and style to the soon-to-be interior room.


Now, clearly, you might not be able to save every element of your patio or porch design since something like a metal bannister lining the area wouldn’t be a good fit inside of your home. Still, things like steps that lead into the home from the patio can provide a level of zest to your planned room.


Few outdoor details can contribute that spark of outdoor personality as much as leaving your front door as the room’s entrance. This gives the space a personality punch that little else can accomplish.



Consider each of your available outdoor details on your porch or patio, and be sure to include the ones that can have a continuing place in your indoor room.


Keep It Bright

Even after this space is boxed in, it’ll still be a spot that has ties to the outdoors. No matter how many changes you make, you’ll always remember this area was once an outdoor space, and there’s no need to shun that idea just because you’re putting up walls.


For this reason, make sure you have plenty of windows lining the new room to embrace that idea of outdoors by allowing beams of sunlight to shine into your created indoor territory. Nothing says “outdoors” quite like that sunshine, so give your new room every opportunity to have that natural lighting.



Keep Going with that Outdoor Theme

In addition to letting that light come through, you can further embrace your outdoor theme by using your new room like it’s still an outdoor spot. For instance, you can select patio furniture for a sitting area that reflects the furniture pieces you would have used externally.


While this option might seem odd, keep in mind that the combination of indoor comfort and outdoor charm can bring the best of both worlds. It can be a place to chat with the feel of the outdoors and also provide shelter from the rain and even air conditioning. If you’re looking for this type of leisure comfort, your search can end here!



Think of décor options that reflect the outdoors, like a beach or animal theme. This way, your design is increasing your living space while still holding to the notion that once this was an outdoor area.


Make It Unique

Standard uses for a boxed-in porch or patio include sitting areas and dining rooms, but that does not mean they’re your only options for the territory once it’s surrounded by walls. Let your imagination go! There can be many intriguing ideas for your newfound interior space.


As an example, making a bedroom out of this space works out great because it’s so out-of-the-box. And, as a bonus, if your porch or patio includes steps or a remarkable door, those details are suddenly a part of your bedroom’s design. It’s a logical purpose — one that could solve your bedroom crunch —and one that allows for innovative design elements.



Think about what you really need from this boxed-in area and utilize the space in that way. Maybe it’s a laundry room, a playroom, or a pantry. Just by choosing something less typical, you’re giving the new room flair, and you can build on that quality through varied colors and décor options.


In place of outdoor-based décor, as an example, you can try something that’s rich in multiple colors, offers a historic feel, or comes with a modern design. The point is to find the perfect purpose, then make it shine!


Essentially, whether you want internal luxuries with your outdoor chats or you’re in desperate need of more space, boxing in your patio or porch can be an idea that makes sense. It’s enhanced if you take the time to plan it right.



From purpose to design—exterior to interior—these tips can help you build a room that’s beautiful, bright, and one-of-a-kind. So don’t miss the mark!


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