How to Spice Up the Space Between Your Kitchen Cabinets

Odds are you have an upper set of cabinets in your kitchen and a similar series of lower ones, and what you choose to do with the area between those sets can dazzle up your cooking territory. Your decisions about this wall space hold the possibility of delivering a certain look or theme to revel in as you and a friend or two whip up meals and share laughs over your baked goods — maybe more possibility than you think! In fact, the right choice in this situation can turn a bland space into something one-of-a-kind and inspiring, like one of these four options!


Patchwork Designs

There’s something cozy and welcoming about a sewn-by-hand patchwork quilt to drape over you as you watch television, and you can gain a similar combination of pleasant emotions in your kitchen by choosing a pattern that embraces that patchwork quality. Any wall possibility you can think of that can utilize blocks of different styles and colors is a fair tactic for putting this kitchen spice-up to work near your cabinets. The key is to think about that patchwork trait as you browse your wallpaper, tile, or brick so that you’re making the right choices to achieve this look.



Be aware as well that different wall types can require different levels of effort on your part to make this notion come to life. Wallpaper, as an example, can deliver the pattern on its own, unlike tiles with individual prints that you’ll need to pair together, side by side, in a design that you think is suitable. Whatever your strategy for accomplishing this look, though, it can create a fun, trendy atmosphere that’s casual and comforting as you make your morning coffee or your evening meal.


Colored Brick

Sturdy and strong, brick is a great option for wall surface in the room where foods will endure baking temperatures. If you want to add some spice to the strength of brick, though, all you need to do is apply color to the individual bricks. It sounds simple, but the result can be vibrant and wonderful!



You can choose any color that fits with your theme, but do keep in mind that before you paint older bricks, you should first give them a good cleaning. Otherwise, your paint might not stick so well, and you could end up with a cracked or chipped look that contradicts the strength that the bricks were intended to provide. The point isn’t to trade in that sturdiness for whimsical colors, so be sure your paint is going on a prepared surface to get the best of both worlds.



Reflect an Era

You can say a great deal about your theme by the colors you choose for your room, like picking a variety of blues for a beach theme, but you can bring eras to life as well with your color selections. This concept can be employed in these between-cabinet spaces in your kitchen to reinforce specific themes. Gold and burgundy, for instance, can build Victorian feel, but if you want something that expresses more recent ideas of home and welcoming, try color pairings that reflect an era closer to modern memory.



If you want a 1970s feel, you could choose colors for these wall spaces that represent the decade, like calmed versions of green, yellow, and orange. In this scenario, using tiles with these colors is a great strategy since tile is another representation of the decade, but the wall structure can vary, depending on the era. A more modern atmosphere might use metal plates of various colors, and a marble look could bring a Renaissance theme to life in a superb fashion.



Essentially, whatever era you want to highlight in your kitchen, think about the colors and format that best fit, and pair those choices with additional accessories and accents that solidify the theme—like canisters that embrace the same nostalgic 70s appearance for that kind of kitchen.


Quote Blocks

Inspiration and theme representations can come from quotes, and both of these qualities make sense in your kitchen. If you’re getting creative with your recipes or struggling to finish up a holiday meal, a well-placed quote can spark your imagination or strengthen your resolve, and the theme you have your heart set on can be solidified through a southern saying or a Latin expression. For these reasons, think about using quotes to decorate the wall space between your cabinets.



A simple idea for displaying quotes in this way would be to buy wall decals, but given how much heat this area would see from food cooking and coffee boiling, this strategy is likely not your best option since the higher temperatures could damage the decal. Instead, you might want to find tiles with quotes already on them or paint your own quotes on regular tiles or bricks — quotes that fit, inspire, and intrigue. Just remember, like with the colored bricks, to make sure those surfaces are clean before you start decorating them. Otherwise, the quality of their appearance could fall apart soon after they’re displayed, and what could have been a great décor tactic would only be an eyesore.


Whatever method you choose, remember that this space between the cabinets is prime territory for providing character to spice up your room and solidify your theme. The right choices of texture and decoration for these spaces are too effective to overlook, so don’t miss such a golden opportunity! Spice up that kitchen territory ASAP by personalizing these wall spaces!


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