Must-Have Kitchen Upgrades

Two dishwashers is a brilliant concept that could only have been dreamed up by an affluent bachelor. But it’s a prize-winner of an idea! Read on for more.

Even if you don’t cook often, you probably still spend a considerable amount of time in your kitchen. Whether catching up with your family, entertaining friends, or even using your kitchen as your office, you want the space to be the best it can be. However, if you’re planning to sell any time soon, the upgrades you choose become even more important. No matter what your reason for upgrading, the following are some of the must-have kitchen upgrades to consider for your remodel so you can make your kitchen convenient, well-equipped, and enjoyable.



Lighting is always a major consideration for the kitchen, but if you’re thinking recessed lighting is the way to go, you might want to think again. Today, a large statement fixture gives the room a significantly updated look. Additionally, it will give you a great way to tie in the rest of the décor and fixtures in the room. Just make sure you adjust the size so that it is appropriate for the space. It shouldn’t overwhelm the surface or space it's illuminating, but you also don’t want to hang a tiny pendant over a huge table. In most cases, you’ll want to keep the fixture at around 40 inches above the island or table to make sure it’s out of the way while still providing plenty of light. 


Modern kitchen with steel appliances and island


Of course, other major considerations are natural and cabinet-area lighting. If you can add skylights or even larger windows, it opens up the space. The cabinet lighting, however, just makes it easier to find the things you need in those deep dark recesses without having to crawl into the cabinetry


Vegetables, fruits and herbs in a contemporary kitchen with cozy lighting


Double Bowl Sink

While most people want stainless steel thanks to its durability and ease of cleaning, make sure you forego the trendy single bowl kitchen sink. Having plenty of space for washing dishes and rinsing will make the space seem much more efficient. Plus, if you think about it, how many kitchens have you actually seen with only one bowl? While it might look pretty in theory, if you want your home to sell, double bowls are the way to go if you’re upgrading the sink.


A double bowl stainless steel kitchen sink on a white granite worktop


Double Up on Dishwashers Too

While it may seem excessive, many new homebuyers love the idea of having two dishwashers. They can use one and fill the other with meal prep and other dishes. If you think your space is too small, add a dishwashing drawer to complement the full-size option. Having that little bit of extra space for glasses and bowls can make a big difference in how full the sink is after a meal – or while waiting for the main washer to finish.


Clearing dishwashers


Cabinets That Work

Another favorite feature is cabinets that offer just a little bit more. You can even make lower shelves more appealing by making them moveable as well so they are easier to access. 


Kitchen Shelves Stack on New Restored Interior


Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is always a welcome addition to any kitchen. The key is to make sure the color is warm, without becoming overly dark. If you can’t afford an expensive wood floor, you can refinish the one you have so that it is a bit lighter and less shiny. There are also so vinyl flooring options that give the look of plank flooring, yet also provide plenty of resilience against water damage.

Samples of laminate and vinyl floor
Samples of laminate and vinyl floor


Of course, you’ll also want to make sure you don’t have dated appliances, but if those are already up to date, spending your budget on these must-have upgrades will make the kitchen better for you, and more appealing to potential buyers if you’re planning to sell. 

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