Bathroom Material Matches Made in Heaven

Just as colors complement each other, so do hard surface materials. Learn why some of these matches are perfect together.

By Brian Winters


When planning a bathroom redesign, you expect to find a bounty of color choices, but don't stop there if you want to create a stand-out look for your home. Have you considered the many material options that, though equally impressive, are sometimes overlooked?


Some materials are meant to be together like a match made in heaven, but others could give your design a jolt. Here are a few ways to create harmony in your bathroom design without too much effort. 


Wood and Concrete

If you’re searching for a modern material combination that looks simply stunning, consider wood and concrete. It’s a bit more of a rustic style but can look great in any space as long as it’s not too overwhelming and balances with the rest of the room. Think concrete floors with wooden features or concrete vanities over carved wooden vanities. The masculine appearance of the concrete is softened by the vulnerability of the wood for a truly dramatic combination. 


Detail of bathroom in rough concrete grey style combined with wooden parts


Natural Tones and Painted Tones

Imagine a coastal-themed bathroom with light blue painted walls and natural wooden features. It’s relaxing, beautiful, and simple to construct. By combining colors that are found in nature with colors that are mostly found in paint cans, you can achieve a tranquil yet bold theme with ease. Remember that light-toned wood works just as well as dark-toned wood in bathrooms. When you feature lighter colors, be sure that all your finishes are smooth to avoid excessive contrast. There’s no limit to color combinations when you choose natural and painted tones.


Light blue bathroom


Wood and Stone

Using two natural materials is always a great choice. No matter the theme that you’ve chosen for your bathroom, you can usually work in a natural element or two. Think pebbles on the floor of the shower or stone-inspired tiles on the wall. Wooden floors are possible in a bathroom if sealed and protected correctly, and vanities made from real wood are rare enough that they’ll make a bold statement. Just make sure that the natural materials that you choose are work together instead of overshadowing each other. They should warm and enrich the room and make you feel like nature had a personal hand in designing your bathroom. 


Bathroom With Curved Stone Wall And Cabinets


Paint and Glass

Glass is commonly just used for shower doors in bathrooms but if you have the space and the layout, glass can become a prime bathroom material that will completely change the look and feel of the room. If you want to achieve a separate toilet area from the rest of your bathroom, try adding a large panel of frosted glass in the ideal position for privacy.


You can also experiment with glass blocks to separate different areas of the room and introduce a unique style. When you combine these glass features with cool and calming paint colors, you get a spa-like feel with very little effort. To give even more dimension to the room, consider painting each side of the glass panel differently. Stay within the same color family but go up or down a few shades on one side. It will help to further separate the two areas and provide a professional design element.


Contemporary upscale home spa bathroom interior


Marrying different materials in your bathroom is a very cool idea, as well. There are plenty of ways to introduce unique and fun combinations without letting them take over your entire bathroom. As long as you consider balance, based on the size of your bathroom and the number of materials being used, you’ll be thrilled with the results.

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