How to Optimize Playtime for Your Child through Interior Design

Children live in messy rooms all the time. It’s inevitable. But, when the playroom is a mess from the start, it’s harder for your child to play properly. Children need certain things in their play area to facilitate growth and learning. Playing is the best way for them to grow during their first years of life, and we want to make sure they are equipped with the necessary tools.


1. Bins and Shelving

Sometimes parents just don’t know where to put all the toys. It can feel very overwhelming. You want your child to have many toys to play with, but where to put them all? There are teaching websites you can purchase bins and bin organizers from. But who wants to spend all that money? Not teachers and not parents! You can find perfectly good bins and shelves at your local department store or dollar store. Make sure to label bins with a picture of each toy to make clean-up easier!



2. Tents

Tents are filled with fun! It encourages your child to use their imagination. It could be a secret spy hideout, a castle, or a dragon’s lair! It gives the child a space that’s all their own. There’s just something about a tent that sparks more imaginative play. You can find one at your local department store or online.



3. Chalkboards

Hanging up a chalkboard in your child’s room is cool, but you know what is even cooler? Turning your wall into a giant chalkboard! Invest in a small can of chalkboard paint and paint a rectangular section on the bottom of the wall. It will be easily accessible for your child and hours of fun!



4. Age-Appropriate Workspace

For young children, an “age-appropriate” workspace would be a small table and chairs. Not only does this provide a space for dramatic play (tea parties or a dinner scene), but it also gives the child an art space. It’s a flat surface that your child can color, glue, or paint on (with the hopes that they’re using paper, not the table itself!).



5. Art Corner

A table might seem sufficient enough to us adults, but what child doesn’t want their own art corner? This corner can consist of bins/shelves to store supplies in and an easel, among other things. An easel somehow makes your child feel even more “artistic” than they first thought! You might even want to consider adding a cork bulletin board on the wall for them to display their artwork.



6. Wall Décor

Adding to the idea of a cork bulletin board, there are many other things you can put on the walls to make the room kid-friendly. There are many peel-and-stick pictures you can find online or in certain stores. Children will love waking up to pictures of Anna and Elsa, Paw Patrol, or the Ninja Turtles! You can also add more generic things like zoo animals or flowers. If you have a creative side, don’t be afraid to paint them on yourself!



7. Dramatic Play

Dramatic play is an essential part of your child’s growth. Whether it be by themselves or with a friend, it helps with socio-emotional growth. This type of growth is considered to be achieved by repeating events over and over that have a problem and solution. Most events that your child will play out are ones that they encounter on a daily basis (making dinner, driving to school, cleaning the house, etcetera). It’s important to have play areas like a kitchen, a play cleaning set, a play doctor set, a doll house, toy cars, and much more. But let’s be honest. You don’t need everything under the sun! Just try to cater to what your child enjoys playing most. If you child loves to play “waitress”, a simple pad, pencil, and apron might do the trick.



No matter what you decide to do with your child’s bedroom/playroom, remember that you’re a good parent and you’re trying your best! Find what is cost effective for your family. And remember, an organized playroom is a great playroom!  


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