How Adding Lace to Your Decor Will Add Elegance to Your Home

With the right touch, lace can add elegant charm to your home!

By Connie Smith


For adding a splash of elegance and luxury to your home, few things can compete with lace. It’s such a small factor in the overall scheme of your home’s interior, but the appearance of the intricate, fragile fabric can be the perfect touch of sophistication if handled in a tasteful manner.


Just like with clothing, though, if you choose to try lace in your design, the key is to treat it as an embellishment to an already solid work since too much of a good thing is just that—too much! For the best use of lace in your home, here are five areas where its luxurious look doesn’t overpower the room.


Your Curtains

Other than the wedding dress hanging in your closet, this might be the most obvious way that lace can find a place in your home. Curtains, as it happens, can say a number of things about your room. Very thick ones can have an antique look while ones with gems can have a playful feel.


When you go with lace, it says that something is refined within the room, but also a bit delicate. So long as the lace doesn’t continually pop up in large amounts throughout the room, the delicate quality isn’t overbearing.


Whether plain or with a pattern, using lace against your windows allows plenty of sunlight to pour through, and lace curtains are light enough to move with a gentle breeze through an open window. This allows a taste of nature’s wonders to sink into your home through a barrier that’s eye-catching and nearly majestic—and all of these might be reasons why lace curtains have been so popular over the years.




Your Scarves, Coasters, and Tablecloths

Since all of these details are under the table décor umbrella, tackling them together makes sense. Likewise, choosing lace for these scenarios makes sense since it’s a sophisticated strategy that contributes a level of beauty and intricacy to a room.




In fact, this tactic of employing lace is one of the most remarkable options because the fragility of the fabric works in its favor. Your scarves and tablecloths can hang over the edges of the furniture, after all. That draping quality looks custom-made for material that’s as delicate as lace, and the patterns showcased on the fabric can create a stunning effect as it hangs inches below a tabletop.


One thing to consider about using lace in these ways, though, is that lace can be easily torn. If you’re going to use it to cover a table, make sure the objects on the table aren’t likely to snag the fabric and ruin the design.




Your Bedding

If you feel like allowing more lace in your bedroom than a set of curtains or a scarf on your nightstand, you might take the bold step of decorating your bed with lace through your comforter and pillows, among other bedding features. This is bold because your bed takes up so much room that it links lace to a hefty percentage of the space there. Remember that too much lace can look fragile and too delicate, so deciding to ground something as significant as your bed in the fabric can backfire.


Make sure, then, that if you use lace for your bedding that you go with only one or two things that utilize lace as an accent, as in a lace canopy or a comforter/pillow set simply outlined in lace. Otherwise, the large amount of lace on the large detail of your bed will be too much for the room.




Your Throw Pillows

Let’s say that you take the bedding concern to heart, and you can’t bring yourself to commit so much of your bedroom to the fabric. There’s still room to employ lace pillows in your home through throw pillows, ones that you scatter over your living-room furniture.


There’s so much happening in your living-room décor, from furniture to wall hangings, that a handful of throw pillows aren’t enough to tip the balance into too-delicate territory. Too much exists in that room to keep the theme grounded in something else, and truthfully, this could be the perfect opportunity to bring lace into your home design while knowing that it won’t be too much of a good thing.


Simply select a series of throw pillows with lace designs, place them across your couch, and enjoy the resulting scene that has just enough lace to be beautiful, but not fragile.




Your Accessories

Since accessories can take up such small spaces in your home, this is another great way to introduce lace into your décor. Some options might be lamps with lace-looking shades, wall hangings that use lace borders, or lace umbrellas to sit beside your door.




You might even find that your stuffed animal or porcelain doll collection incorporates the right amount of lace into your décor through their clothing, showcasing lace’s elegance within the limits of good taste.  


Of all of the possibilities on this list, this one is the least specific, but the casual touches of lace in accessories is perfect for giving the right amount of lace to a home. Don’t overlook them when you decorate!



To add that perfect bit of elegance to your home, don’t forget the lace, but remember to limit the methods you use to showcase the fabric to keep your overall design balanced and strong. If you can limit it to an accent, though, lace can be one of your best decorating ideas as you plan out your rooms’ designs.


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