How to Use Typography in Your Home Design

It’s no longer if these walls could talk!  Make your home speak volumes using typography.

By Kathleen Wolak


We are always trying to say something with home design. We want our rooms and homes to make undeniable statements based on themes, color schemes, and our designer dreams.  Typography is probably one of the best designer tools out there to take this goal and make it a reality in no time. The mix of words and images placed strategically in your home is a simple yet chic way to make your space cozy and stylish. Read on for some typography tips and have your home chatting in no time!





First and foremost, think about what you want your home to say. Are you going for a warm welcome, or more of a cheeky wink? Typography comes in all shapes and sizes, from seasonal sayings that tie holiday décor together in a neat little package to everyday sentiments like “Love” or “Hope.”


If you are aiming for permanence, go for pillows and décor that have these ubiquitous sayings splashed across them. If you just want a bit of seasonal flair for the coming holiday months, typography has you covered.  Earth-toned “Give Thanks” or “Blessed” pillows and plaques are a perfect way to ring in the Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas stretch. This is a subtle and stylish approach to gearing up the holidays without overrunning your home in seasonal décor.




Functional Type

Typography is lovely on its own, but one way to make it an even more fabulous part of your home is to introduce the element of function. For example, placing letters on painted flour and sugar jars to spell out “Home” is a great way to enhance décor if you value saved space and utilitarianism.




Another way to keep typography functional is to turn a plaque into a key-holder or add coat hooks! For a fun functional plaque, I bought a plain “Champagne” piece and added hooks that can be used for coats or keys.




PRO TIP: To maximize versatility, be sure to put in large, strong hooks so they can hold more than keys if necessary. Also, be sure the wood is hearty enough to support utility hooks. 


Type Scheme

Strategic placement is the name of the game with typography. You don’t want to overrun your space with competing words and sentiments. This can bring you into comic book territory very quickly.


Remember that a little goes a long way with typography, as the décor itself makes such a statement.  Also, be sure the typography décor you are using flows well with your room.  For some pieces, this is an easy placement. “Eat” and “Coffee” will always work best in the kitchen, whereas more bubbly sentiments like “Champagne” or “Laugh” can be a little trickier.  Essentially, it all comes down to how whimsical you want your chosen room to be.  I like to put these pieces in social spaces like parlors or even entrance halls, as they infuse a bit of quirk and warmth to an area that you would not expect!




Typography is a seriously fun way to give your space fun and personality. The options available, from pillows to plaques and everything in between, ensure that you can create a beautiful space with minimal effort.


Images used with permission, courtesy of Kathleen Wolak,, and

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