The Best Colors for Your Home Yoga Studio

If you’re going for a calm space to exercise, you might want to consider these color options.

By Connie Smith


Different exercise techniques can be connected to different atmospheres, and yoga is a great example of this detail since this specific pursuit of fitness is a calming practice. Its deep breaths and stretches can ease the tension in your body as you tone your muscles, leading to a mental breather while you work toward a fitter version of yourself.


Because yoga is such a soothing concept, the best atmospheres for it are ones that boost your sense of calm and help you step into a tranquil frame of mind. Little details, like candles, can assist in building this atmosphere, but even something as basic as your room’s coloring can grant a layer of relaxation to slide you into a yoga mentality. In fact, the color choice of your room can be mirrored throughout all elements of your yoga practice  —  like your mat and your gym bag  —  to give you an overall sensation of the color’s effect as soon as you decide to tend to your daily yoga habits.


Although there might be one specific color that stands out to you as soothing, there are plenty of across-the-board colors that can be noted for their calming qualities. If you just aren’t sure of any particular color that works for you, you might want to consider these options when selecting your design for your personal yoga studio.


1. Blushing Pink

Pink is a color option that can bring several different atmospheres into a room. For example, hot pink can supply dazzling energy while a deep fuchsia can showcase a romantic air. For a calming shade, try a blushing pink that’s innocent and youthful. This light and bubbly color is capable of encouraging childlike energy to have you diving into your workout with happy thoughts and far-reaching dreams. Essentially, your room in this color is constructed to take you back to moments where your biggest problem was a rainy day, and the jingle of an ice cream truck driving down your block was one of the best sounds you could hear. This is a simplistic notion, but don’t underestimate the amount of impact it can have on your workout.




2. White

White paint is basic but striking, and it shows a clean palette that can represent the newness of your mentality as you begin your journey toward fitness. Even if you’ve been committed to pursuing a better you through yoga for years, every time you pull out that mat, you’re embarking on time spent to better yourself to come away a little stronger than you were when you entered into your exercise area. Not only does a white coloring in the room showcase those fresh elements, but it’s also a bright enough choice to give you a sufficient level of incentive and illumination for your fitness itinerary. Overall, choosing a neutral white for your yoga territory reflects the practice itself while keeping the area vivid enough to inspire you.




3. Dark Purple

On a completely different note, purple is a color that — like pink — can come in different shades to incite different reactions and atmospheres. For your yoga studio, a deep, dark purple is a wonderful way to go for a contrary reason than the white and blush pink mentioned above. The logic behind this choice is grounded in the fact that purple is technically a cool color, so the very presence of it’s enough to lull you into a calmer mentality. Whereas a bright, popping purple would come with similar notions of innocence and childhood as the blushing pink, you don’t need to add in those elements of carefreeness to make purple a suitable choice. The darker tones are perfectly capable of developing the serene environment you’d want for your yoga studio, and you’re free to explore that color territory via your yoga accessories and room décor. If you do, you’ll be surrounded by a color that’s vast and rich, and builds an introspective and tranquil atmosphere.




4. Dark Blue

Like with purple, blue is a cool color, so it comes with a soothing quality without any additional thought or design. Also like purple, you can create a youthful feel in your room by choosing one of the lighter shades of blue, but if you want something more grounded and settled, a darker blue will do the trick. But unlike with purple, when using a dark blue, you should be careful to choose the right tone for your room because darker shades of blue can be linked to sadness. For this reasoning, feel free to surround yourself with deep blues that have natural connections to soothing things, like the sky, but keep them in small enough increments that you aren’t being overwhelmed with the color. With that kind of balance, you can get just the right touches of soothing blue, like the ocean, without feeling like you’re drowning in it.




5. Orange

This is a tricky one because orange is a warm color. It has links to bright, intense things, like fire and sunsets, so it doesn’t instantly create sensations of calm and relaxation. If you scale back its intensity though, you come across a duller shade of the color that embraces the lively feel of fire and heat without overdoing the effect, resulting in a calmer representation of activity and light that’s just the right blend for a soothing workout. Your inspired drive from this color selection can be real and thriving, but with a gentle feel that showcases the relaxing aspect of standard yoga practice. Few hues can provide a combination that’s so befitting a yoga studio, so don’t overlook the prospect of choosing a dull orange yoga mat, paint, and knickknacks to create an area that’s intense and soothing at once  —  just like yoga!




6. Multi

If you’re the type of person who thrives in a setting that’s bright and vivid, think of adding a blend of colors into your yoga studio based on the hues that bring you calm and comfort. There are plenty of ways to attain this colorful feel, like choosing a yoga mat that’s one color and wall décor that’s another, but the point remains the same. It’s entirely possible, and reasonable, that various colors would make you relaxed, and you could feel more at ease with representations of several hues around you at once. Should this be the case, pick and choose whatever combination best fits your style, and build a studio that’s personalized with your color preferences to soothe and inspire you. It’s your room, so make it fit you!




The Bottom Line

Your exercise territory should be one that pushes you toward your fitness goals, and having a relaxed atmosphere is a big deal when practicing yoga. Whether from a warm color done right or a cool color chosen well, make sure your yoga studio is capable of encouraging you to chase after your fitness goals while keeping you settled and calm. If you can manage both sides of that coin, you’ll have created your perfect yoga space!


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