How DIY Mason Jar Projects Can Upgrade Your Home Décor

One of the most basic, and trendy, décor strategies to add personality to your rooms can be purchased in sets online or in person, and those simple features to scatter throughout your home are mason jars. With an absolutely simple appearance, these jars can be tailored for a number of purposes in ways that more specific home accents can’t be. How many other knickknacks, after all, can be molded to fit just about any theme by adding things to them?


This is the basic strategy behind mason jars. You fill them up with varied supplies, and this easy process creates products that can add a punch of so many different qualities to any room.


So, pick up a case of general mason jars and start building products to decorate your home with—like these possibilities!


A Little Glam to Your Storage

There are plenty of reasons to have storage containers around your home, and those reasons vary from room to room. Your office could use a collection of pencils, for instance, and your bedroom might have paintbrushes to keep together. Anywhere you have these kinds of logical purposes, you could use a mason jar!


Nowhere in your entire home is this more of a viable option than in your kitchen where you have cooking utensils and ingredients that could use successful storing, and mason jars are a good idea for tending to these details. Not only are they sensible tools for containing your sugar, cashews, and cooking spoons, but once they’re full of your kitchen supplies, they can be stored in cabinets, on counters, or on shelves to turn them to home-décor accents.



Showcase Your Flowers

Few things could spark a smile like fresh flowers, so if you want your home to feel lovely and welcoming, adding floral displays is a great strategy. This is another concept that can make use of mason jars. Simply choose your flower selection, and use the jar in place of a standard vase.


The pairing at work in this scenario is kind of brilliant since both of the elements involved are bringing a level of simple charm to your home’s interior. Flowers are natural, and mason jars are as basic as you might expect home décor to be. But when you blend these two for one accent, though both are uncomplicated, the result is calming because it’s so down to earth. There’s little to no sophistication in the equation, but the beauty is as remarkable as if you’d put in hours of effort on another project.


Give a Little Light

There are two ways to use mason jars for this purpose, and each one has its own merit. For one, you can use the mason jars to hold battery-powered lights, and the effect is a simple glow from a simple container to create a simply wonderful accent of pleasantness wherever it’s located. This is the easiest of the two options since all you need to do is add a small candle to the jar, though you can feel free to decorate the jar more if you feel it makes for a better accent. In less than five minutes, you could have a tealight mason jar ready to shed light in your room!


Another option is to make candles from scratch using mason jars, essentially changing the jar’s purpose from storage altogether. It isn’t just a container anymore—it’s a candle! While this option might take more time, it authenticates the jar’s stance as a candle, and it’s a craft in itself that you can be proud to showcase.



Provide the Snacks

Just like you can use mason jars for storing ingredients in the kitchen, you can also employ them to provide snack foods for your home’s guests—or to give yourself a snack while you watch an episode of your favorite TV show. Not only are these jars practical options for this prospect since you can see what food you’re grabbing before you reach into the jar, but they also alter the idea of food presentation into an art form.


You’re not just giving your guests M&M’s. You’re displaying M&M’s as a decoration that’s edible! It looks great, and it’s a wonderful gesture to provide your guests with that kind of welcome. If you decide to use mason jars for no other purpose in your home, you might want to give this in-home welcome one a chance!



Boost the Scents

Another practical use for mason jars is as containers for potpourri, which can enhance any room in your home. There’s literally no space where a good scent isn’t welcome, so there’s nowhere such an aromatic addition would be unfitting.


The beauty of this scenario extends beyond this multi-room purpose and spills into ease of creation since you can find instructions for making potpourri with a basic Internet search. All you need to do is choose a mason jar as the container for that potpourri. Now you have a delightful use for your mason jar—one that will boost your own experiences in your home, as well as your home’s guests while they visit.



Color Your Jars

A great thing about mason jars is that, while this post has explored a number of ways to use them, you don’t need a purpose for them to make them accents. On their own, they can be rustic accents that bring a down-home charm to the room where they’re showcased. With a simple twist in their structure though, their down-home quality can be altered into something more fun and charismatic, and that twist is coloring them.


Various methods can be employed to color these jars—like paint or glue with food coloring—but the idea is to give these jars a new look by changing them from their general glass appearance. Think of it like a stained-glass window. A window alone works, but when you add in the color and artwork, the result can be breathtaking.



If you color these jars to give them a hint of hue to modify their transparency, a simple accent becomes a tiny work of art that you can use in connection with other colors for a pattern, theme, or presentation that catches the eye in a fun, energetic display.


Let's Go!

With these strategies in your mind, you’re ready to decorate with mason jar accents that will deliver a bit of personality—and maybe a little light with a lovely scent—to every room of your home. Even beyond these details, just use some imagination to bring your room’s (or holiday’s) theme to life simply by filling up a mason jar. The options are vast, and the beauty is impeccable!


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