How to Create a Modular Storage Wall in Your Living Room

Your living room is probably where you spend the vast majority of your time, second only to your kitchen in terms of family space. Family pictures are nice, but they can take over your entire living room if you let them; making it tough to figure out what your eyes should be focused on. Instead of allowing your guests to enjoy treasured items that mean the world to you, an overabundance of “things” can simply make people tired. Modular solutions will work great for creating space and reducing clutter in your home. 


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Take Stock

One of the first steps in getting things pulled together is assessing exactly what you have and what you need for your living room. If you have pictures of your children, pool them all together and then pick out the best one of each child, or your top five. Be sure to include one of your entire family or at least all the kids together. Use the rest as backup pics to swap out once in a while or to bring out at birthday times. Store the others or display them elsewhere in your home. Put similar items together and then figure out which ones you want to keep close as your favorites. Continue sorting stacks of items until you’ve narrowed down to just the critical and important pieces that you want to display in a place of honor in your home.



Finding Space

Once you have a good idea of exactly what you want to show off, then you can determine how much space you have available to donate to a modular unit. You may only have a tiny area wide enough for a 24” shelf on one side of your fireplace, or you might have an entire wall that could be turned into a modular storage area. Carving out the space you want to use in this way should be something that you do over a period of at least a week or so—this is not a decision that you want to rush into. Once you have a solid idea, consider blocking off the space on the floor and wall with painter’s tape temporarily so you can see how the flow of traffic through the room changes and how you will like to see that space taken up with other items.



Build or Buy

You can find modular wall units in a variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors—or you can build and paint your own. It all depends on how much you want to customize and how non-standard your space is. If you’ve got a relatively standard-sized area that you need to fill, you are likely to be better off simply buying a set that will fit, even if you have to do some additional decorating touches to make it fit into your room décor. Building from scratch is a great option if you have a tall and narrow space that you want to build out, or if your space is non-standard in some other way. Alternatively, if you want some texture on your modular storage wall, then you might consider a more natural option like reclaimed wood to use for your area.


Modern lounge with modular unit on a wall


Installation Made Easy

The wall system could be used to get rid of some unsightly electronics and find a way to get all those cords hidden behind a wall, picture frame or other design element. Look for ways that you can incorporate speakers and other portions of your home entertainment system into the fully designed wall. Planning for things like where your cords and wiring will go once your modular wall unit is in place is important, and it’s incredibly important to take this step before you start drilling holes in the wall. Keep in mind the length of the cords that you’ll need to accommodate and where you’ll need to have power before you start this building project, or you’ll find yourself drilling extra holes far beyond what you expected to be drilling. 



Relax and Enjoy

Once you have your modular storage wall in place, you can restore all of your treasures to their new homes, sit back and enjoy your new and clutter-free living room. While keeping everything under wraps will take a little extra time, it’s worth it if you’re able to walk into your living room and feel relaxation wash over you.


Creating the perfect modular storage wall will take some time and some planning, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. Some simple storage units secured to the wall either painted or stained to match your living room are both cost-effective and lovely.




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