Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Home decor is expensive. As styles change, it is easy to want to follow more modern home trends. But redecorating does not have to burn a hole in your wallet each time you decide to switch things up. These five tips are cheap ways to make your home look expensive without costing you all that much.


Gold Accents

No matter what era, gold looks classic. Gold accents are a great way to boost your home’s look without splurging. It is easy to incorporate gold into any already-there theme. Gold picture frames can spruce up a master bed, or you can use gold trays to hold items on your coffee table.



Gold might also be introduced as pillows with gold accents, metallic office supplies for your home office, gold light structures, or even metallic gold paintings. These small additions will instantly make your home look and feel more expensive.



But remember, not all that glitters is gold! You do not have to spend like a king to make your home look royal. You can find cheap gold decorations in stores like Home Goods or Target. Metallic home items are booming in popularity so it is easy to find them almost anywhere!



Chandeliers are the perfect way to add an instant wow factor to any room. Hanging one in a master bedroom can instantly transform it into a bedroom fit for royalty, while adding a rustic chandelier over the dining table can provide a touch of intimacy. Not only do they create elegance, but they rid the need for any stand-up lighting or lamps, leading to less clutter and more illumination.



Plus, you do not have to redo an entire room just to match the new addition. There are so many different types of chandeliers that can fit in perfectly, whether your room is more modern, rustic, or elegant.




Candles are the easiest and most versatile way to make your house look rich. Candles can dress up any room and are available almost everywhere, so you will never have a hard time finding them. Instead of splurging on popular, but pricey, candles, spend less than $10 on plain votive candles from places like Hobby Lobby or Walmart. For more of an accented touch, container candles can be displayed on a coffee table tray. Mix up metallics, mattes, or solid colors, and you will instantly have a cheap but luxurious look.



Minimal Plants

Plants are a breath of fresh air in every room - literally! One way to bring a burst of color to a neutral scheme, no matter if it is modern or rustic, is by adding some greenery. Pretty little succulents are cheap and can be found at different hardware or flower stores. They are a nice touch in every single room.




Trade traditional wall art for a chic mirror. Mirrors are a subtle addition that make the room look bigger. They’re also a great way to mix and match with metallics. Mirrors do not have to just be for the wall.



Reflective furniture is a huge trend right now that does not seem to be going away. Instead of splurging on a mirror dresser or coffee table, incorporate this trend into smaller items like a jewelry holder or dish. These little touches instantly make your room more stylish.


Not sure which chic look is right for your home? Give House Tipster’s 3D Virtual Rooms a try for an online approach to interior decorating.


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