DIY Fall Pillows that will Bring the Colors of the Season Indoors

Autumn is just around the corner and everyone I know is more than ready to start decorating, myself included. I love accenting my living room with pillows. But who wants to spend upwards of $20 on a pillow? Not me. Here’s a guide on how to make the cutest fall pillow out of felt.


You will need:

  • 2 tan 12-inch by 18-inch felt pieces
  • 1 dark green 9-inch by 12-inch felt piece
  • 1 maroon 9-inch by 12-inch felt piece
  • 1 orange 9-inch by 12-inch felt piece
  • 1 yellow 9-inch by 12-inch felt piece
  • 1 bag of Poly-Fil (I got a 32-ounce bag just to be sure.)
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • 1 spool of tan thread
  • Small needle
  • Sewing pins
  • Leaf stencils (see below)
  • Letter stencils (see below)
  • Hot glue gun


1. Set the Stage for Your Project

Start by gathering all your materials. It is easier to have everything together at the beginning so you are not scrambling to find something later on. Felt and sewing supplies can be bought at any craft store. The stencils can be printed out at the end of this article.



2. Cut & Stick

After you have gathered everything, cut out your stencils. Then, utilize the sewing pins to stick the stencils to the felt. Use the photo below to coordinate which stencil goes on which color. However, you may color coordinate in your own way. Just be sure you’re not sticking a yellow “A" on top of a yellow leaf! Carefully cut the shapes and letters out of the felt. If after you take off the stencil you do not like how you cut it, you can always try to fix it free-handedly or cut another one. You have enough felt to make a few mistakes.



3. In Stitches

Set aside your felt shapes and grab your two tan felt pieces, some thread, and a small needle. Thread your needle, align the two pieces of felt, pin them with the sewing pins, and begin sewing. I recommend starting in the middle of a side so that it is easier to start stuffing your pillow.



4. Fill It Up

When you’re about halfway done sewing your pillow, start stuffing it with the Poly-Fil. You want to make sure you stick enough into the corners and evenly spread it through the sewn part of the pillow.



5. Even Steven

Be sure to keep the tan pieces even with each other as you continue to sew. Every so often, add more Poly-Fil to your pillow. Be careful not to overfill it as it could come apart.


6. Just Enough

Make sure you have filled your pillow enough as you tie off the thread. Stick the loose thread inside the pillow to create a neat look. Use a sewing pin or the needle to stick the thread in between two stitches.



7. The Heat Is On!

Next, get out your felt shapes again. Lay them nicely over the pillow where you want them. Heat up your hot glue gun. Carefully begin to hot glue each piece to the pillow.


A helpful tip is to pick up a small side at a time and glue it down. Continue around the whole leaf or letter to make sure all sides are glued down.



I do not recommend putting glue on the leaf and then pressing it onto the pillow because the glue might dry too much to stick and you might not like the placement if you mess up. Hot glue can leave stringy strands on your pillow. Make sure to clean up after yourself by pulling the strands off your pillow.


Congratulations, you now have an adorable pillow to show off to all our friends!



Try it out, impress your guests, and comment below on any tips or tricks you learned along the way.





Images used with permission, courtesy of Gabrielle Koch

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