The Tuscan Sienna Virtual Room Will Transport You to the Italian Countryside

Some of the most beautiful kitchens have one thing in common: sunlight. Kitchens with sunlight feel warmer and more intimate. Regardless of your cabinet or countertop colors, a few well-placed windows can brighten and transform any kitchen space.


All this brings me to the Tuscan Sienna Virtual Room from House Tipster. This inviting kitchen features 11 customization options, including everything from the hardwood flooring to the appliances. Plus, the room contains some great windows and an open layout found in many homes throughout the country and abroad.


The best part? Tuscan Sienna helps homeowners like myself who maybe aren’t used to choosing warm colors in a kitchen. If you’ve never given much consideration to natural wood cabinets and orange/yellow hues, then give this Virtual Room a whirl.


Here’s a recap of my experience designing with the Tuscan Sienna Virtual Room.



The Focal Point: The Island

The island is the heart of the kitchen. It’s where family members gather during the holidays and birthday parties. It’s where friends mix and mingle over cocktails and appetizers. It’s where your kids do their homework and eat their after-school snack.


It’s no wonder that the island is the centerpiece of this Tuscan Sienna Virtual Room. In this L-shaped space, the island acts as a glue that pieces the elements of the room together.


I began by choosing the Clear Alder Natural island cabinets because they were a great accent to the large, open space. Then, I moved onto the Island Granite. I preferred the specks with the route I went.



Selecting Complementary Colors

For the perimeter cabinets, backsplash, and countertops, I mimicked the colors from the island, including the Clear Alder Natural doors by Hampshire Cabinetry and Black Thulu Granite. For such a bold room, I decided that consistency was key.



Then, I moved onto the floors. There were two laminate options, both with very warm hues. Madison River Elm was definitely a great option for this kitchen space, but I found the contrasting light to dark colors of the Lake Toba Acacia laminate to be the perfect addition to the overall vibe of the room.



For an additional splash of color reminiscent of an Italian summer, I went ahead and chose Cinnamon Crunch paint by Behr for the kitchen walls and Bonsai Pot for the living/dining walls under the “Walls Others” category.



Kitchen Doo-dads

The final touches of House Tipster’s Tuscan Sienna room:


Hands down, the Light Bronze Helios Knobs were the best choice. Then, I moved to the Island Faucet, which was a difficult decision to make. The Matte Black Purist faucet by Kohler seemed like the natural, easy pick, but with so much black in the countertops, I thought it best to offset all those dark colors with a lighter sheen. The Vibrant Stainless will definitely do the trick!



Last, I took a look at the Sub Zero 4-Slice Toaster from Wolf. Wow, what a toaster! Kitchen appliances are a weakness of mine, and I love learning about new brand offerings here with these Virtual Rooms. Wolf is a trusted brand, and I’m currently in the market for a toaster. When all was said and done, I decided on the Red Knobs and then selected “Go to Shop” to learn more about it.



Woohoo! That was fun. I’m normally not attracted to kitchens with this particular color scheme, but the Tuscan Sienna Virtual Room opened my eyes to a new color palette for the most important room in my home. Next time someone asks me for a design recommendation, I’m suggesting this Virtual Room.



The writer of this article was compensated for their review.

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