How to Pull Off the Breezy Style of Farmhouse Chic in Your Home

The comforting style of country farmhouse is so easy to pull off!

By Kathleen Wolak


When it comes to styles that are both simple and elegant, you cannot go wrong with faux farmhouse. A far cry from its dreadfully overdone early-1990s counterpart (check out any old sitcom from the TGIF lineup for some prime examples of this frilly fad), today’s artisan-inspired farmhouse décor is airy, light, and anything but busy. Read on for some easy ways to get your house looking farm fresh!


Country Accent

Modern farmhouse is all about accents. Accented fabrics are especially important as they bring the warmth of the farm into any home. Inherently wholesome gingham is incredibly easy to work with, and a little goes a long way.




Don’t be afraid to put your own spin on gingham-style fabrics! Because fabric accents make a room insta-cozy, using an edgy pattern will give your faux farm room extra personality!


Fabulous Farmhouse Furnishing

Thanks to the farmhouse look, finally, there’s a stylish purpose for all of those bulky breakfronts and buffets that oversaturated the mid-century market (and were in all of our grandparents’ houses). Any fan of “Antiques Roadshow” can tell you that the value of such pieces has plummeted in the past 20 years, due to over-production and a general disinterest in the style.




This is great news, however, for anyone looking to accomplish an authentic farmhouse look on the cheap. Sanding down and repainting these usually dark pieces will give them breezy new life. Taking off the doors of these cabinets and keeping them open is a lovely way to display plates and keep the furniture open rather than oppressive.




If you can’t locate a buffet or breakfront, remember that this is a rare opportunity to use any bulky piece as a focal point of the room. Large bookcases can work in this capacity, but remember if you choose to display plates this way to secure them with wooden pegs. This look replicates and modernizes the old-farmhouse style in a thoroughly authentic manner. 


Accessorizing the Farmhouse

Because one bulky piece per room will give off a rustic farmhouse aesthetic, the rest of the design goal is finding pieces that will complement the look without cluttering the space.  Remember, life on the farm was all about utility and everything having a purpose. The inspired design should reflect this.




Using aged lanterns for lighting or upcycling old canteens for use as lamps are some great ways to decorate in a farmhouse style without wasting any space. As for your other décor, there’s no clear color farmhouse color palette, so this gives you a lot of wiggle room when accessorizing your space.




The main point of farmhouse style is to keep your space light, airy, and functional. Recycled wood is your ever-changing friend when it comes to accessorizing your home.




From tables to shelving, this is a design tool that is a true shapeshifter. For decorative touches like headboards, slated wood will give you a beautiful, textured effect. 


Farmhouse is probably one of the lowest-maintenance styles for your home. Farmhouse depends on tranquil, functional design that requires little to no upkeep. It is also what I like to think of as low-key organized.




Since most farmhouse-inspired pieces are largely utilitarian (from gravy boats to planters), it is easy to not over-saturate your home in this lovely and rustic design scheme.


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